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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #21902



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Soviet screwback Order of the Red Banner #21902


Борис Емельянович Голубев


Awarded to Sr. Lieutenant and Pilot Boris Emelyanovich Golubev (Борис Емельянович Голубев)


For carrying out 27 successful ground strike missions with tremendous successes 



This original order of the Red Banner is made of silver and enamels. It measures 39.57 mm in height, 34.68 mm in width and weighs 18.9 gram without its screwplate. The serial number is barely readable and it must be said that ones needs some ‘creativity’ to read the numbers. The source and circumstantial evidence however made us confident this is the actual award discussed.


The condition of this order should not be the reason to purchase it and the award can not be graded since it laid buried for over 70 years. As a result it lost most of its enamels and the bottom end of the flagpole. What makes this order so special is the story behind it. which will be discussed in more detail below.



Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“He has been flying with the 1st aviation squadron of the Black sea Navy on an IL-2 ground assault aircraft in the period 30.10.1941 – 27.11.1941. He carried out 27 successful ground strike missions. Here are some of the examples:

On 30.10.1941, a ground strike against an enemy artillery position and troops concentration near the Saky and Balganak. The mission resulted in suppression of 2 field guns with their crews, which was confirmed by the intelligence.

On 15.11.1941, a ground strike against a large concentration of the enemy troops near the settlements Varnutka. The ground strike resulted in destruction of up to 25 vehicles carrying enemy troops.

On 18.11.1941, a ground strike against the armoured cars and troops near Muskanya – direct hit of the rockets destroyed up to 5 vehicles.

On 22.11.1941, a ground strike against enemy troops concentration and a mortar battery located on the slopes of the hill 555,3 and 479,4. The successful
mission resulted in elimination of up to a battalion of enemy troops and up to 4 mortar positions, which forced the enemy to seize their advance. For the success in his ground assault missions, he commander of the Coastal Army Major-General PETROV issued a gratitude to Sr.Lt. GOLUBEV.

On 25.11.1941, he delivered a ground strike against the enemy troops concentration and the enemy mortars near the Tashliq. The mission resulted in
destruction of 2 enemy mortars and up to 2 platoons of the enemy troops. His consequent strikes against the enemy were just as effective.

Comrade GOLUBEV is a fearless pilot participating in the struggle against the Fascist barbarians and deserves a state award.”


The full translation of the research can be found here


More info on the awardee can be found here


The crash site was discovered only in 2018 by accident. More info on this can be read here 


A short film about the recovery of the Golubev’s plane can be seen here


In the picture gallery a lot of extra digital research material is added such as fragments of his IL-2 plane, a KIA letter, a newspaper article, images of the crashsite and several (action) images of Golubev himself 



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