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After the years of work, Igor Korenev has gathered an extensive amount of information on the numbered Soviet awards. Our database currently has over 340,000 numbers! Approximately half of them are documented.

You can freely search if we already have the number in our database. If found, the result will show the decree date and if the information is documented or not.

When a ‘hit’ is found after searching our database the information can be requested for a fee of €5 and €10 if the information we have is accompanied by documents. These fees are without translation.

We will gradually expand the database but for now you will be able to search for Orders of Lenin, Orders of the Red Banner (1st and 2nd award), Orders of Nevsky, Orders of the Patriotic War (1st and 2nd class), Orders of the Red Star, Orders of Glory (2nd and 3rd class), Medals for Bravery and Medals for Combat Merit.

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