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We offer research, translation and authentication services for our customers. We also have a huge database with serial numbers which you are able to use to find documentation about awardees.

Researching Soviet Awards

In many occasions it is possible to research Soviet awards based on their serial number or the name of the recipient. This is done though our contacts in Russia who have acces to the Russian Military Archives. In cooperation with the well know researcher Igor Korenev we also offer a translation service. More info on Igor and the prices of the research can be found here 

Certificates of Authenticity

Due to increasing demand and several requests we offer an authentication service for all our customers. Whether items are purchased here or on other platforms. When buying one of our high end Soviet items a certificate of authenticity can be ordered free of charge! On all our other items we charge a €40 fee for this service. When requiring a certificate for items not purchased on SovietOrders.com, we charge €50 per certificate.

Our laminated certificates have several security features like specially designed paper, uniquely numbered holograms, embossing stamps and a signature. In addition we keep a database so that it would always be possible to check your certificate with us. Below you can find some examples of our certificates.

Please contact us for more information!

Our Database

After the years of work, we have gathered sizeable amount of information on the numbered Soviet awards. The database currently has over 340,000 numbers. Approximately half of them are documented.

You can freely search if we already have the number in our database. If found, the result will show the decree date and if the information is documented or not.

You can search for awards by number here


Customer service is our top priority! We will reply to your requests or questions within 24 hours and you can reach us by phone, sms, WhatsApp or email 


We offer a wide variety of Soviet awards for a sharp price. All our items are covered with a money back guarantee if not authentic.
Free Shipping for orders over €600!


We buy Soviet orders, medals, badges and complete collections. We can offer high value since we take very small margins and have low overhead expenses. Therefore we can give you the best prices on the internet! 


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