Soviet Medal for Bravery #317304



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Medal for Bravery #317304


Awarded to Guards Captain Yurij Borisovich Goncharov (Юрий Борисович Гончаров)


For destroying 3 cannons, 2 heavy machine-guns and up to a company of enemy troops with his platoon and leading his men by personal example of courage



Made of solid silver. Measures 37.28 mm in diameter and 2.71 mm in thickness. The height of the medal is 42.53 mm (including the eyelet) and it weighs 27.9 gram without its suspension. Its silver suspension measures 25.13 mm in width at its narrowest point and 31.40 at its widest point. 


The medal is in a nice, about average condition with medium wear. The details of the higher laying parts like the rivets on the side of the tank and the canons are mostly present and crisp. There are numerous small dings and scratches but they don’t distract from the overall appeal of the medal. The lacquer filling the letters is all lost and the connection ring between the suspension and the medal itself is original and has not been cut.  The silver suspension is original as is the rectangular plate holding the ribbon, the hexagon nut and the ‘Monjetnij Dvor’ screwplate.


interesting to see the awardee scratched his initials and the date ‘5-07-1943’ on its reverse, possibly indicating his presence of the ferocious enemy attacks of 05.07.1943 on the Orel-Kursk sector (note the date in the citation of a Bravery Medal with its serial number very close by).


Short translation of the citation:

During his service in the regiment since 02.01.1943, Sr.Lt. GONCHAROV proved himself as a disciplined and demanding officer, brave and resourceful in combat engagements. In the battles for the villages Ridkino, Gostomlya, Kastornaya in February 1943, he led by personal example of courage and inspired his men to continue the advance. Firing directly from open positions, comrade GONCHAROV’s platoon attacked and destroyed the enemy equipment and troops. In these engagements, his platoon destroyed 3 cannons, 2 heavy machine-guns, and up to a company of enemy troops. By suppressing the enemy firing positions, he enabled our rifle units in their advance.


The full translation of the register card can be found here


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