Soviet Medal for Bravery #1910917 with document



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Soviet Medal for Bravery #1910917 with document


Awarded to Sergeant Ivan Trofimovich Momot (Иван Трофимович Момот)  



Made of solid silver and lacquer. It measures 37.42 mm in diameter and 2.72 mm in thickness. The height of the medal is 42.72 mm (including the eyelet) and it weighs 27.7 gram without its suspension.


This Medal for Bravery is in nice condition with all details crisp. Even the higher laying parts like the rivets on the side of the tank and the canons are perfectly visible although there are several small dings and scratches on both sides. Most of the red lacquer filling the lettering is still present and its connection ring has not been. The medal comes with its time period steel suspension and old ribbon.


The accompanying booklet is in excellent condition and numbered Z 876869. It was handed out 33 years after the medal and therefore is most likely an official duplicate.



Short excerpt of his feats:

During the battalion’s fighting to break through the enemy’s defenses in the Stopnitsa / Poland / 12.1.1945 area and further pursuit of the enemy to the German city – SLAU, comrade Momot, working as a chauffeur for a type “A” repair flyer, provided repairs to the control system directly at the initial positions, and sometimes on the battlefield.
Comrade Momot, boldly and skillfully applying to the terrain, under the influence of enemy fire, brought his repair flyer directly to the place of repair, the result of which was an accelerated repair of self-propelled installations.


More information on Momot can be found here



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