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Hero of the Soviet Union #8878



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Hero of the Soviet Union #8878


Ivan Mitrofanovich Filippovsky

Awarded to Hero of the Soviet Union and Guards Senior Lieutenant Ivan Mitrofanovich Filippovsky (Филипповский Иван Митрофанович)


For heroism at Baruth (Germany) during one of the final battles in the Patriotic War knowingly the Battle of the Halbe in April 1945.


Gold Star to the Hero of the Soviet Union: made of solid 23 carat gold. It measures 32.04 mm in height including the eyelet, 30.24 mm in width and it weighs 20.95 gram. The the text Герой СССР (Hero of the USSR) is located at the center of the reverse right underneath the serial number ‘8878’. The suspension is authentic to the medal and measures 26.34 mm in width at his widest point and 21.71 in height without the loop at the suspension.

The gold Hero of the Soviet Union star is in excellent, well above average condition. Its obverse shows several small scratches and microscopic dings. The lettering on its reverse show little wear and the side of the medal maintained its still sharp edges. The very tips of the star show the usual wear. The suspension includes its time period original ribbon, rectangular plate and hexagon nut. Due to the weight of the medal the suspension hole is a bit deformed. The screwplate is time period but is a replacement for the original plate.

A excellent and rare piece of great historical importance!!!


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“During the vicious fighting taking place between April 26 and April 30, 1945, which was aimed at finishing off the German pocket southeast of the city of Berlin, near the city of Baruth in the Brandenburg Province (Germany), comrade I.M. Filippovsky, who commanded a rifle battalion, displayed fearlessness, heroism, and personal valor while commanding his battalion in battle.

On April 26, 1945 an enemy force totaling 2 battalions supported by 4 tanks and 2 self-propelled guns, launched a fierce counterattack in comrade Filippovsky’s battalion’s sector. Thereupon the enemy undertook 8 counterattacks, one every hour, with a view to seizing the city of Baruth. Despite the obviously life-threatening situation, comrade I.M. Filippovsky was present among his battalion’s frontline units; ably blending the efforts by his own units and those by the attached artillery and displaying personal bravery, steadfastness, and heroism. The battalion repelled the German counterattacks, occasioning severe enemy casualties – 200 killed soldiers and officers – and taking 13 enemy soldiers prisoner. 2 tanks and 1 self-propelled gun were knocked out or destroyed.

Building on the success of the combat operation, comrade I.M. Filippovsky’s 1st Company had driven the enemy out of the woods in the sector southeast of Baruth by the end of April 26, 1945 and dug in along their newly captured lines, having killed as many as 150 soldiers and officers in doing so.

On the night of April 29 to 30, 1945 a superior enemy force, six times as large as ours and escorted by 9 tanks and 8 armored personnel carriers and supported by artillery, launched a fierce counterattack at comrade I.M. Filippovsky’s battalion’s sector.

The lead tank and the armored personnel carriers and infantry following it drove a wedge into the battalion’s ranks. The enemy infantry surrounded comrade I.M. Filippovsky’s battalion from three sides, and so attempting to close the encirclement from the southern side.

Defying the clear mortal danger involved, comrade I.M. Filippovsky was personally present among the ranks of the battalion. Refusing to withdraw from the front line, he made skillful use of the full might of his battalion’s firepower and so fought off the enemy counterattack. Leaving more than 300 dead bodies of soldiers and officers and 4 knocked-out tanks and 5 armored personnel carriers behind on the battlefield, the enemy fled in disarray. During this engagement comrade Filippovsky took more than 450 enemy soldiers and officers prisoner.

For his personal exploits in the service to his country, for performing a heroic deed, and for the leadership skills he exhibited while commanding his battalion during vicious battles, ensuring the successful liquidation of the pocket near Baruth and contributing to the successful liquidation of the German pocket southwest of Berlin, comrade Filippovsky deserves to be granted the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Commanding officer of the 293rd Red Banner Order of Suvorov Guards Rifle Regiment

Guards Colonel [signed] /Sviridov/May 15, 1945

He deserves the highest level of distinction, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.”


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