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Documented Group of a Gold Star Hero of the Soviet Union #4605, Order of Lenin #20568, Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #66989



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Documented group to a Hero of the Soviet Union




Awarded to Lieutenant Petr Antonovich Bogatov (Петр Антонович Богатов)


For destroying 2 “Tiger” tanks, 2 SPGs, 3 APCs, and up to a company of enemy troops and personally eliminating 10 Hitlerites and capturing 5 prisoners



This group consists of the following items:

  • Gold Star to the Hero of the Soviet Union #4605
  • Order of Lenin #20568
  • Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #66989
  • Order Booklet
  • Documents to jubilee medals


Gold Star to the Hero of the Soviet Union #4605 

Made of 23 ct gold. Measures 32.03 mm in height including the eyelet and 30.02 mm in width. It weighs 19.2 grams not including the suspension. The suspension measures 26.49 mm in width and 21.59 mm in height at its narrowest point.

In a nice, about average condition with all parts complete and without repairs. Both sides show light to medium wear to the higher laying parts and the lettering and serial number on its reverse still have their details perfectly visible. The very tips of the star have the usual wear and both sides show several dings and scratches. Both the eyelet and connection ring show have plenty of body and no risk of breaking.

All parts are original. Including the screwplate, suspension, hexagonal plate and the quadrangular plate.


Order of Lenin #20568

Made of 23 ct gold, platinum and enamels. Measures 42.79 mm in height including the eyelet, 38.45 mm in width and weighs 34.4 grams without its suspension.

This early suspension variation Order of Lenin is in nice condition with all details crisp. The red enamels are beautiful and problem free and only show some minor contact marks only. Lenin’s portrait made of platinum shows light wear and the gray enamel background is in problem free condition. The double layer steel suspension is time period to the order and its connection ring has not been cut.


Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #66989

Made silver, gold and enamels. Measures 47.17 mm in height, 45.14 mm in width and weighs 25.7 grams without its screwplate.

In great condition with crisp details and without repairs. The red and white enamels show some contact marks and a tiny superficial chip on the very tip of the 9 o’clock ray but are otherwise beautiful and problem free. Its screw has not been shortened and the order coes with its well fitted silver screwplate.


Order Booklet 

Its accompanying order booklet is in decent condition with all pages present and mentions all 3 awards above.


An amazing and rare grouping! 



Citation for the Title of Hero of the Soviet Union:

Artillery battery commander Lieutenant BOGATOV exhibited examples of courage and heroism. His conduct in combat setting is calm and decisive. He maintains efficient command of his unit in decisive moments of battles. The enlisted men and other officers love and respect their brave commander, who commands well deserved respect.

Such, on 02.08.1944, the enemy force of up to an infantry regiment supported by 24 tanks went into a counter-attack towards the village Padew with the aim to capture our crossing site over the river Vistula, then encircle and annihilate our troops on the left bank of this wide river.

The 1st artillery battery under Lt. BOGATOV’s command received the enemy’s initial blow. Bravely fending off all the enemy thrusts, comrade BOGATOV’s battery destroyed 2 “Tiger” tanks, 2 SPGs, 3 APCs, and up to a company of enemy troops. The enemy tanks, firing directly, took out all 4 of his cannons, but BOGATOV and his artillery men didn’t abandon their post, but maned positions in front of their howitzers.

Not expecting such stubborn resistance, the enemy again and again ferociously attacked the small group of defenders. At the cost of large casualties, the enemy finally managed to partially seize the battery compound. Then, Lt. BOGATOV gathered the remaining active soldiers and with a war cry “Hurrah” attacked the beastly opponent. Unable to stand to such bold onslaught, the enemy ran.

Twice more, Lt. BOGATOV led his men into a counter-attack. The cannons were recovered. Personally, Lt. BOGATOV eliminated 10 Hitlerites and captured 5 prisoners.

For boundless courage and bravery in the struggle for freedom and independence of our Socialist Motherland, Lt. BOGATOV deserves the high honour – the title “HERO OF SOVIET UNION”.


Citation for the Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class:

Lieutenant BOGATOV is a brave, courageous, and decisive officer. In a dire moment in a battle, he remains composed, takes combat decisions promptly and acts on them without hesitation. Officer BOGATOV exhibited greatest courage and bravery in the mission on the night of 12-13 October 1943. Officer BOGATOV led and took his artillery battery along a difficult route with beaten and impassable for vehicles roads from the initial location in Rashkovo to the combat deployment sector near the village Radul’.

Dark night and destroyed bridges complicated the achievement of his combat mission. Overcoming all these problems, officer BOGATOV fulfilled his mission with honour. By dawn, all his cannons were deployed on the designated positions.

Exceptional fortitude, courage, and heroism exhibited Lt. BOGATOV during the forced crossing of the river Dnieper in the sector near the village Shchyttsy. Despite the enemy aerial bombardment, Lt. BOGATOV continued to deliver fire with his battery. On that day, his battery suppressed 3 enemy artillery batteries and destroyed 1 mortar battery, which were firing at our advancing infantry. As the result of Lt. BOGATOV’s highly effective artillery fire, out troops advanced forward and captured the village Shchyttsy.

Officer BOGATOV unboundedly devoted totes cause of the Lenin-Stalin party and the Socialist Motherland.

He deserves state award order “PATRIOTIC WAR II CLASS”.



More info about Hero of the Soviet Union Bogatov can be found here, here and here




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