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Documented Group of an Order of Kutuzov 2nd class #915, Order of Lenin #44593, Red Banners, Medal for Bravery #45(!) and much more



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Soviet Documented group to a Hero of the Soviet Union


Алексей Игнатьевич Негода


Awarded to Colonel Aleksej Ignatievich Negoda (Алексей Игнатьевич Негода)


Commander of the 171st rifle “Idritsa” division for raising the Victory Banner over the Reichstag!



This group consists of the following items:

  • Order of Kutuzov 2nd class #915
  • Order of Lenin #44593
  • Order of the Red Banner (reissue) #22878
  • Order of the Red Banner 2nd award #22350
  • Order of the Red Star #918284
  • Medal for Bravery #45(!)
  • Medal for Combat Merit #1377320
  • Medal for the Capture of Berlin
  • Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw
  • Jubilee Medals
  • Badges
  • Polish Order of Virtuti and Warsaw Medal
  • A signed letter from Marshal Zhukov addressing Negoda
  • Several original pictures
  • Award documents including the small HSU booklet


Order of Kutuzov 2nd class #915

Variation 2. Made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 49.35 mm in height, 47.33 in width and weighs 38.2 gram without its screwplate. The minimum known serial number for this variation is 429 and the maximum 1994.

This order is in excellent condition with stunning enamels without repairs or damage. The order shows light wear only and even the details of the higher laying parts like Kutuzov’s head are crisp.


Order of Lenin #44593

Made of 23 ct gold, platinum and enamels. It measures 42.95 mm in height, 39.17 in width and weighs 34.3 gram without its suspension.

This order is in excellent condition with crisp details and no repairs. The enamels are problem free apart from some minor flaking around some of the edges and an internal crack at the right side of the banner. Nothing destracting from the overall appearance.


Order of the Red Banner #22878 (reissue)

Made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 46.49 mm in height, 37.70 in width and weighs 26.4 gram without its suspension.

The order is in excellent condition with crisp details and light wear only. The red enamels are problem free apart from a small superficial chip between the C en the P in the lower banner, not penetrating the silver. The white enamels are pristine. There have been no repairs and most of the gold plating is still present.


Order of the Red Banner 2nd award #22350

Made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 45.13 mm in height, 36.50 in width and weighs 24.6 gram without its suspenion.
In near mint condition with stunning enamels and full gold plating. Next to impossible to upgrade.


Order of the Red Star #918284

Made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 47.92 mm in height, 49.69 in width and weighs 29.1 gram without its screwplate.
In excellent condition with stunning enamels and light wear only.


Medal for Bravery #45 (!)

Made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 41.92 mm in height, 37.10 in diameter and weighs 30.3 gram. (5.42 mm wide)
In excellent , far above average condition with all enamels present and its details still present. Unique considering the ultra low number of this piece.

Medal for Combat Merit #1377320

Variation with a separately soldered eyelet. The medal shows much detail and all red lacquer is still present.


Please see the picture gallery for the condition of the other items


Negoda’s gold Hero Star was unfortunately stolen in the 1960s



An amazing group of great historical significance! 



Citation for the Titel of Hero of the Soviet Union:

Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

Colonel NEGODA conducted exceptionally extensive work in preparing his troops for the offensive operation on the western bank of the Oder river. In the course of two weeks, he tirelessly trained his troops and prepared them for the decisive battles. On 16 April 1945, the division broke through the strong fortified multi-layered enemy defence line near Kienitz and, having defeated the main opposing force, commenced successful advance taking over during the first days the settlements Neutrebbin, Wriezen, Werneuchen, Bernau, and engaged in ferocious fighting against the enemy on the outskirts of Berlin. The enemy was putting up fierce resistance. Risking his life every minute, colonel NEGODA was among the fighting formations and led them skilfully in battle. Thanks to his skilful leadership, the division was confidently advancing forward smashing the enemy opposition. In the fierce engagements on the approaches to Berling and in the street fight in Berlin itself, the division inflicted the following losses upon the enemy: 3135 troops killed and 3090 taken prisoner. Equipment destroyed: guns of different calibers – 110, machine-guns – 214, rifles and submachine guns – 1638, APC – 16, tanks – 15. Equipment captured: guns of different calibers – 155, machine-guns – 316, rifles and submachine guns – 4400, mortars – 61, trucks – 40, tanks – 9, steam engines – 58, rail carriages – 1430 and other.

On 30 April 1945, the first battalion of the 380th rifle regiment was the first in the rifle corps, which raised the Victory Banner over Reichstag. The enemy finding itself trapped in Berlin capitulated on 01 May 1945.

For excellently conducted military operation and personal courage, colonel NEGODA DESERVES THE TITLE “HERO OF SOVIET UNION”.


Citation for the Order of the Red Banner: 

Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

Comrade NEGODA is a good seasoned combat officer. Acting as an interim Chief of Staff of 13 cavalry corps, he visited the field troops 3 times (to settlements Terelich-Kurliandsky, Vditsko, Bolshaya Eglina) to assist in leading the combat operations in difficult circumstances.

Thanks to comrade NEGODA’s personal involvement, the military order was quickly restored in 236 cavalry regiment formation after the enemy aerial strike near Terelich-Kurliandsky, quick capture of the village Vditsko was assured, and the military order was reinstated on the right flank of the 59 separate rifle brigade, which was sent for assault in the most decisive moment of the battle.

Comrade NEGODA, disregarding his own life, always swiftly advanced his units forward. In the lack of officer personnel, he assured responsive command of the units.

He deserves a state award – order “RED BANNER”.


The full translation of the citations, his Personal Record and the telegram from Zhukov can be found below:


– Citation HSU NEGODA

– Citation ORB 22878 NEGODA

– Personal record for NEGODA

– Message from ZHUKOV to NEGODA


More info about Hero of the Soviet Union Negoda can be found here and here



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