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Hero of the Soviet Union #8263



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Hero of the Soviet Union #8263


 Mihail Stepanovich Kamelchik


Awarded to Captain Mihail Stepanovich Kamelchik (Михаил Степанович Камельчик)


For personally destroying over a hundred vehicles, 39 artillery pieces, 5 tanks, 232 rail wagons and many more targets. After being severely wounded at a mission to destroy the Fascist in Berlin, he managed to fly back his plane and thus saving the plane and crew


Made of solid 23 carat gold. It measures 32.22 mm in height including the eyelet, 30.26 mm in width and it weighs 21.1 gram without its suspension. The the text Герой СССР (Hero of the USSR) is located at the centre of the reverse right underneath the serial number ‘8263’. The suspension is authentic to the medal and measures 26.32 mm in width at his widest point and 21.71 in height without the eyelet.

In an excellent, above average condition with all parts complete and without repairs. Both sides show light to medium wear to the higher laying parts and the lettering and serial number on its reverse still have their details perfectly visible. The very tips of the star have the usual wear and both sides show several dings and scratches. Both the eyelet and connection ring show have plenty of body and no risk of breaking.

The suspension includes its time period and original ribbon, rectangular plate, hexagon nut and uncut connection ring. Its screw has not been shortened and its original screwplate fits perfectly well.


A rare piece with extensive and amazing research!


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits

“Comrade KAMELCHIK is the Patriotic war participant from its first days. He arrived to the 33 Guards ground assault aviation regiment in May 1943. During this period, he grew up from an ordinary pilot to an experienced flight commander, and was promoted from Junior Lieutenant to Senior Lieutenant.

He conducted 100 highly successful ground assault and bombing strikes, of which 12 sorties as a group leader and 6 reconnaissance sorties as a pair leader for the enemy rear area surveillance.

After having made 43 missions, he was bestowed as follows: for 3 combat sorties with medal “For Bravery”, for 20 combat sorties with order “Red Banner”, and for the subsequent 20 combat missions with order “Patriotic war I class”. For 22 combat sorties, he was again recommended for his second order “Red Banner”. Since his latest bestowal, he conducted 57 further combat sorties, proving himself again as a fearless ground assault pilot, who boundlessly devoted to his Socialist Motherland.

Having excellently mastered his mighty machine, he never had a case of loosing it to the ground AA fire. In case an enemy stray projectile would damage his plains vital mechanisms, he would exercise exceptional self-control and composure, bring his plain back, and land masterfully, saving both the crew and the aircraft.

In the mission for destruction of the Fascist lair- Berlin city – on 22 April 1945, an enemy shell exploded inside the cockpit of our fearless pilot. Despite severe burns to his face, damage to his eyes, the blood pouring over his face, he remained in the mission and finished it perfectly, returning to the home airfield with the group.

The group leader HSU Guards Major BELAVIN gave him many times permission to land on some intermediate airfields, but Guards Sr.Lt. KAMELCHIK brought his aircraft to the home airfield, overcoming terrifying pain in the face the eyes. He masterfully landed the plain, thus saving both the crew and the machine. Such heroic feat could be done only by a pilot like Guards Sr.Lt. KAMELCHIK with his iron will and perpetual energy.

Special character facet of this remarkable bolshevik warrior is his modesty on the ground and boundless bravery in the air. His hatred towards the German slave masters is boundless. He harshly punishes the enemy for the sufferings of the Soviet people, for the death of his close and loved ones.

Guards Sr.Lt. KAMELCHIK conducted 10 air engagements against enemy fighter aircrafts. He masterfully combined his aircraft canons punch with fine piloting technique and never had losses to the German vultures.

In his 100 highly effective combat missions, he personally destroyed: 84 loaded trucks, 57 loaded horse carriages, 39 artillery pieces of different types, 1 armoured personnel carrier, 5 tanks, 3 dugouts, 1 pillbox, 1 steamer, 232 rail wagons, caused 6 large explosions, ignited 21 large fires. Together in a group, he destroyed 1 railroad bridge, 2 river crossings, 4 ammunition depots.

The results of the combat missions was confirmed by the ground troops, by the representatives of the political corps, and but the aerial photography.

The flight under his command conducted 284 successful combat sorties, having suffered the following own combat losses: 2 pilots, one aerial gunner, 2 aircrafts IL-2. There were no other losses suffered (due to incidents and such).

Here are some examples of Gu. Sr.Lt. KAMELCHIK’s courage and bravery:

On 29.04.1944, a group of 6 IL-2 attacked an enemy armour and vehicle concentration near the forest west of Selets. Despite the hurricane of enemy AA fire, our group made two attack runs, destroying 4 tanks, 8 trucks, caused 6 fires and 4 large explosions (presumably 2 ammunition and 2 fuel depots). 2 AA cannons were suppressed. In this engagement, Guards Sr.Lt. KAMELCHIK personally destroyed 1 tank, 2 trucks, and exploded on enemy fuel depot.

On 04.07.1944, two IL-2 led by KAMELCHIK went to a free hunting reconnaissance mission along the railway line Janow-Kobryn-Snitowo. They discovered 2 enemy trains on the Snitowo station and began strafing them with fire and dropping bombs. Having done 5 attack runs, they disabled 2 steamers and 4 wagons. The reconnaissance was conducted perfectly and its results were photographed.

On 26.08.1944, group of 6 IL-2 led by KAMELCHIK bombarded and strafed the enemy mortar positions and vehicle concentration near the settlements Horyszów-Piskurow. Despite strong enemy AA fire from the ground, the group made 4 attack runs. Having sustained no damage themselves what so ever, the group destroyed: 15 trucks, 1 field artillery battery, up to a platoon of enemy troops, and caused up to 10 fires.

On 27.03.1945, group of 7 IL-2 conducted ground assault strike against the armour concentration near the settlement Golzow. Having made 4 attack runs, the group destroyed 6 tanks and up to 30 enemy troops. Guards Sr.Lt. KAMELCHIK exhibited unparalleled bravery in this mission.

He is an exemplary disciplined and organised serviceman. He is demanding towards himself and the subordinates. The discipline in his flight is on good level. His flight personnel is trained in combat cohesion and ready for any mission.

For 100 highly effective combat missions, for excellent execution of the missions assigned by the command, for exhibited courage and bravery, he deserves to be bestowed with the highest state award – title “HERO OF SOVIET UNION” accompanied by bestowal with order “LENIN” and medal “GOLD STAR”.”


The full translation of the research can be read below:

– register card

– citation


More info about on Captain Kamelchik can be found on wikipedia,, and


Interesting info:

Kamelchik was involved in a propaganda stunt in 1945. The political department proposed to drop symbolic keys from Berlin city over the Soviet troops on Seelow heights. Presumably Kamelchik was one of the 5 men involved in it.

The keys mention the years 1760 and 1945 – the years when Russian troops took Berlin. The labels attached to the keys have the text written: “Guardsmen, friends, go forward to the Victory! We a sending you the key to Berlins gates. From the Guards pilots Hero of Soviet Union”. An examples of such a key can be found in the picture gallery.

Also interesting is that Kamelchik was a participant of the Victory Parade. A document issuing a Medal for the Victory over Germany for this purpose can also be found in the picture gallery.


Also included in the picture gallery are the following items:

  • digital images of Captain Kamelchik wearing this very Hero Star
  • digital picture of IL-2s of the 3rd Guards 33 Guards Ground Assault Aviation Regiment (33GuGAAR) at Tempelhof airfield
  • digital picture of the 33GuGAAR
  • combat diagram of 33GuGAAR on 15 January 1945
  • combat diary of the 33GuAAR 1



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