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Soviet Order of the Red Star #909353



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Soviet Order of the Red Star #909353


Awarded to Lt. Col. Pyotr Andreevich Zhdanov (Петр Андреевич Жданов) 


For 15 year service in the Red Army



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 49.29 mm in width, 47.75 mm in height and weighs 30.6 gram without its screwplate. The mint mark is located above, and the serial number underneath the screw post.


This order is in nice overall condition with medium to strong wear on the higher laying parts of its centre medallion. Most details are still visible and the enamels are without repairs. The very tip of the 12 o’clock ray of the star shows a minor chip but is otherwise beautiful and well preserved. Its screw has not been shortened and the screwplate is time period to the order.


Translation of the research:

Citation for his Order of the Patriotic War 1st class:

On November 22, 1943, Lieutenant Colonel Comrade Zhdanov showed examples of courage, bravery, heroism and skill. Assigned to command a mobile anti-tank reserve with the task of maneuvering in front of the enemy front, thus creating the appearance of a large number of our tanks in this sector, and then creating an ambush, thus ensuring the maneuver of our tanks to the right flank. Lieutenant Colonel Comrade Zhdanov fulfilled the task set brilliantly. Having organized an ambush, Comrade Zhdanov soon discovered the movement of a large enemy column and ordered two batteries to open fire. As a result of the skillful leadership of Comrade Zhdanov, 6 Tiger tanks were set on fire, 17 tanks were knocked out by batteries and 15 vehicles in motorized infantry were evacuated by the enemy to the rear at night. For his skillful, heroic actions, Lieutenant Colonel Comrade Zhdanov is worthy of a government award with the Order of the Patriotic War of the First Degree.


Citation for his Order of the Red Banner:

The self-propelled artillery regiment of Lieutenant Colonel Comrade Zhdanov, during the operation to encircle and destroy the Kishinev enemy grouping from August 21 to 27, 1944, hit, destroyed 14 tanks (including 6 heavy ones), 2 heavy self-propelled guns, 28 field guns, 5 mortar batteries, 5 machine guns, 3 armored personnel carriers, 3 tractors, 88 motor vehicles, 160 wagons, 2 depots of fuel and lubricants and ammunition were destroyed, 1698 manpower was destroyed and 1481 were taken prisoner. On August 23-26, in the area of Orak – Sarata Galbena, during the battles to hold the communications center, the enemy repeatedly made attempts to break through the encirclement with significant forces of infantry and tanks. All his attempts were repulsed. During the counterattacks, Lieutenant Colonel Zhdanov was always with combat vehicles, personally controlled the fire, was bold and resolute


Citation for his Order of the Alexander Nevsky:

The commander of the self-propelled artillery regiment Zhdanov, in battles on the territory of Czechoslovakia, showed great ability and skill in using self-propelled artillery. Having properly trained the personnel of the regiment, he ensured that his self-propelled guns inflicted great damage on the enemy, almost no loss. Lieutenant Colonel Zhdanov is a competent self-propelled gunner, knows the tactics of warfare well, skillfully commands the regiment. He knows how to correctly assess the situation, thanks to which he always promptly and accurately fulfills the orders of the command. The regiment of Lieutenant Colonel Zhdanov passed a glorious combat path from Belgorod to Prague, mercilessly destroying the enemy. Only in the battles on the territory of Czechoslovakia, especially outside the city of Brno, the regiment destroyed and knocked out 16 tanks, 53 dif erent guns, 64 machine guns, 6 mortars, 10 armored personnel carriers, 38 vehicles, destroyed 18 observation posts, destroyed more than 900 soldiers and of icers, more than 500 soldiers and of icers were captured, 36 serviceable aircraft were captured. April 15 (1945) was wounded, but continued to command the regiment



The full translation of the register card can be read here


More info on Lt. Col. Zhdanov can be found here


Please note that this Red Star was awarded for long service. The translation of the citations are just to show an overall impression of his accomplishments



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