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Soviet Order of the Red Star #1431066



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Order of the Red Star #1431066


Awarded to Guards Private Grigory Stepanovich Otyan (Григорий Степанович Отян)


For personally evacuating 21 wounded officers and enlisted men with their fire arms from the battlefield under intensive enemy fire. When wounded himself he remained on the battlefield until after all the wounded were evacuated



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 46.51 mm in height, 47.97 mm in width and weighs 31.9 grams without its screwplate. The mint mark is located above, and the serial number underneath the screw post.


In nice overall condition without repairs. The enamels are well preserved with some small dings and scratches only. The higher laying parts on its obverse show light to medium wear with most details still visible. The screwplate is time period to the order and its screw has not been shortened.



In the combat engagement for the hill 130 north-east of the vilalge Seregélyes [Hongary] on 08-09 December 1944, medic OTYAN Grigorij Stepanovich proved himself as a brave, qualified, and resourceful medic. Following constantly the combat formation of the fighting rifle companies, he rendered expert first medical aide to the wounded personnel.
Under intensive enemy small arms fire, he personally evacuated 21 wounded officers and enlisted men with their fire arms from the battlefield to the battalion medical point.
He provided outmost attention to the wounded in the midst of the difficult battle. When the enemy counter-attacked, comrade OTYAN remained with the wounded and moved them to a sheltered position, thus preventing further injuries.
Performing his combat duty, comrade OTAYN sustained a medium severity contusion himself, but remained on the battlefield until after all the wounded were evacuated. When the medical platoon commander comrade ILYIN was wounded and taken out of action, he comrade OTYAN assumed the command and continued supervision of the evacuation of the wounded. At the present time, comrade OTYAN is undergoing medical treatment at the battalion medical facility.
CONCLUSION: He deserves to be bestowed with order “RED STAR”.

Signed by the commander of 3 Guards rifle regiment
Guards Colonel /LEVIN/
16 December 1944


The translation of the register card can be read here


More information on private Otyan can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery is a POW report from 1941, a combat diary of the 3rd Guards Rifle Regiment on 08 December 1944 and a map Seregélyes in Hungary 



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