Soviet Order of the Red Banner of Labor #0513160



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Order of the Red Banner of Labor #0513160


Rare variation featuring a zero in from of its serial number



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 36.64 mm in width, 47.47 mm in height including its eyelet and weighs 36.7 grams without its suspension.


In excellent condition with problem free enamels and virtually all of the gold plating present. The details are all crisp and both sides are without substantial dings or scratches. Its double layer suspension and ribbon are time period to the order and its connection ring has not been cut.


Manufactured at the Moscow Mint. The difference from the first type is the way the serial number is displayed. This variety is numbered using a seven-digit system, with the first digit of the six-digit serial number being zero. The minimum known number is 0506132, the maximum is 0513238. Considering the overlapping with the regular numbering, it is believed that less than 4000 of these were produced. 



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