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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #80343



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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #80343


Rare ‘Swallow Tail’ or ‘Coat Hanger’ variation


Awarded to Guards Master Sergeant Vladimir Minayevich Gvozdanov (Владимир Минаевич Гвозданов)


Recommended for the titel Hero of The Soviet Union for personally knocking out 2 enemy tanks and gunning down 60 Hitlerites at point-blank range!!


Made of silver and enamels. Measures 36.96 mm in width and 45.11 mm in height. Because of the new June 1943 regulations, orders of the Red Banner were produced on a five-sided suspension and no longer as screwbacks. Some of the already produced screwback orders were therefor converted by the Moscow Mint to a suspension type. These are sometimes called a ‘Swallow Tail’ or ‘Coat Hanger’ variation due to the added eyelet and its shape. The minimum know serial number for these is 77483 and the maximum number is 84243. The total number of coat hangers however is much lower due to overlapping within the serial number range.

The order is in excellent, well above average condition. The details are all visible and even the higher laying parts like the center wreath and the flame on top of the torch show little wear. The red enamel only shows some minor flaking and the white enamel is in particular pristine condition. Its suspension and ribbon are also authentic to the order and its connection ring has not been cut.

Very desiderable and hard to upgrade!


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements for receiving the order of the Red Banner:

“Comrade V.M. Gvozdanov is a firing platoon leader in an antitank gun battery. Personally chest-deep in icy water, he and his platoon manually dragged two guns through the Sivash, thus ensuring antitank artillery support for the infantry.

On November 4, 1943, when the enemy launched a counterattack with 12 tanks, 6 armored vehicles, and up to a battalion of infantry; comrade Gozdanov skillfully maneuvered his gun, knocking out 2 enemy tanks and gunning down 60 Hitlerites at point-blank range.

Comrade V.M. Gvozdanov deserves the title of ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’.

The full translation:


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