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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #61262



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Researched Soviet screwback Order of the Red Banner #61262


Гаврил Гаврилович Гуськов

Гаврил Гаврилович Гуськов

Awarded to
Fighter Pilot and Sr. sergeant Gavril Gavrilovich Guskov
(Гаврил Гаврилович Гуськов)


For shooting down 8 Me-109, 3 Fw-190 and one He-111. Recommended for the Order of Lenin



This original order of the Red Banner is made of silver and enamels. It measures 39.80 mm in height, 36.40 mm in width and weighs 25.1 gram without its screwplate. The serial number and mint mark are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


The condition of this order should not be the reason to purchase it despite the excellent details. As can be seen on the images it lost most of its enamels and the bottom ends of the flagpole and torch are broken off. Not surprisingly, considering Sgt. Guskov crashed his plane wearing this order and was found 20 years later. What makes this order so special is the story behind it. Gushkov was a remarkable and famous pilot with many enemy kills on his name in a short period of time. Despite his skills and enormous successes he was overwhelmingly outnumbered in his final battle. Below an excerpt of his final day from Warheroes:

“…July 17, 1943 was a difficult day. In the afternoon, the four fighters under the command of Guskov, covering the ground forces, attacked 12 Fokkers. A few minutes later, reinforcements – fighters and bombers – joined the fascists. Now 4 Soviet fighters fought against 30 enemy aircraft. Our pilots had little choice in such a situation – to fight until they ran out of fuel and shells, or to die. None of the opponents dropped a single bomb on the advancing Soviet troops, but, unfortunately, none of the brave pilots managed to escape. The pilots V.G. Ponomarev, S.S. Albinovich, squadron leader A.V. Lebedev and Hero of the Soviet Union G.G. Guskov were killed …”

Only much later his body and plane were recovered:

“After 20 years, the wreckage of an aircraft was found near the village of Betovo, Bolkhovsky district, at a depth of 4 meters. According to the number 1011 of the Gold Star medal of the deceased pilot, it was established that the remains belong to the Hero of the Soviet Union GG Guskov. He was buried with all military honors in the village of Naryshkino in the Uritsk district of the Oryol region (the hero died practically on his native land!). A monument was erected on the hero’s grave.”

The remarkable feats of this hero are not forgotten:

“His name is given to streets in Naryshkino, Arkhangelsk secondary school of the Uritsk region, where he studied.

By order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR G.G. Guskov, he was forever enlisted in the lists of the personnel of the military unit.”


An amazing story to a true Soviet hero!



Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“He is devoted to the cause of the Lenin-Stalin party and the Socialist Motherland, disciplined, demanding towards himself officer. He is an excellent pilot, who can operate on the I-16, Yak-1, Yak-7b aircrafts (total 167 hours flying time). He participated in the battles against he German invaders since 26 October 1942 and proved himself as a fearless air warrior.

He is very willingly and enthusiastically engages in the assigned missions. He conducted 27 combat sorties on the Kalinin front and engaged in 14 air fights. On 15 January 1943, near town Velikiye Luki, he scored 3 air victories against 2 Me-109 and 1 Fw-190.

During the exceptionally short period of the engagement on the NorthWestern front, he carried out 12 combat mission scoring 3 victories against Me-109. On 27 February 1943, near the rail stations Peresa-Slugino, Olekhi, he shot down 2 enemy Fw-190 in one air fight, which was confirmed by the ground forces and by the report №45 of 210 fighter aviation division. On 06 March 1943, near Terremovo-Kotitsko, he shot down an Me-109.

On 09 March 1943, near the rail stations Pogorelovo-Astratovo, Baranovo, he shot down 2 more enemy aircrafts of the type Me-109f and He-111.

Comrade GUSKOV has extensive combat experience, which he skilfully uses to his advantage and shares willingly with his mates. He acts decisively and resourcefully during the air engagements. Disregarding enemy numerical superiority, he bravely engages in a fight and comes out victorious. In total during the period of the Patriotic war, comrade GUSKOV has made 39 combat sorties and scored 8 air victories against the enemy aircrafts.

For courage and bravery exhibited in the struggle against the German invaders, he deserves a state award – order “LENIN”.”



The full translation of the research can be found here


More info on the awardee can be found here, here and here


A short ode/film is made on Guskov which can be seen here


In the picture gallery a lot of extra research material is added such as combat diaries, a KIA notice to his family, a newspaper article, a short history of the 65th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment and images of statues



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