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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #72728



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Soviet screwback Order of the Red Banner #72728


Awarded to Captain Pyotr Ivanovich Tarakanov (Петр Иванович Тараканов)


This original order of the Red Banner is in a great, well above average condition. The details are crisp and the enamel only shows some loss on the top banner. The center star and the lower banner are problem free. The gold plating is mostly present on both sides of the order. The reverse is in perfect condition with no dings or scratches. There have been no repairs and the screwpost has not been shortened. It comes with its time period silver screwplate.

A scarce screwback in great condition with very interesting research!

Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“Captain P.I. Tarakanov has seen frontline service in the Patriotic War since June 23, 1941. He was involved in the fighting at Dubno, Rovno, Novograd-Volynsky, Korosten, Kharkov, and on the Western Front.
During the fighting at Rovno (July 1941) he personally took part in the destruction of an enemy assault force. Serving as a copy editor. In an unequal engagement he was wounded in his leg. He however remained in action until the enemy unit was completely destroyed.

During offensive operations near the Stalin Sovkhoz and the village of Sheiki (Smolensk Province) he was repeatedly involved in repelling enemy counterattacks while serving as the commissar of a light tank company. During these battles his company knocked out 5 enemy tanks and killed up to 50 Germans soldiers. Here Tarakanov was wounded in his leg once again.

During offensive operations near the villages of Dubna, Popovka, and Upolozy (Smolensk Province) his company destroyed a mortar battery and knocked out 6 enemy tanks. Tarakanov himself gunned down 5 German soldiers from a tank and killed 2 in a hand-to-hand engagement. When three of our tanks were knocked out by the Germans, Tarakanov towed them off to a safe location. Then organized the repairs, and after four hours they once again engaged in battle against the counterattacking enemy forces. During this battle Tarakanov sustained a third severe wound in his right leg, suffering a bone fracture, an overall contusion, several flesh wounds, and severe burns to his leg, caused by the burning tank.

Between January and May 1943 comrade Tarakanov served as assistant chief for activities with Komsomol members of the Political Section of the 10th Cannon Artillery Brigade.

Since May 1943 he has been serving as the Division’s assistant chief for activities with Komsomol members.

During his time in the Brigade and the Division, the Komsomol organization increased significantly. During the July battles north of Oryol alone, the Division’s Komsomol organization accepted 107 troops and commanders into its ranks and passed on 143 Komsomol members to the Party. Right among the ranks comrade Tarakanov ensures that Komsomol membership cards are promptly issued to newly admitted Komsomol members.

Comrade Tarakanov is systematically present among the Division’s units and works intensely with the Komsomol members and the young non-members to instill in them a sense of steadfastness and selflessness. In battle the Division’s Komsomol members serve as an example to the young non-members. Many Komsomol organizers in the units have been awarded decorations for the fine way in which the efforts to build the morale of the youngsters are shaped.

Comrade Tarakanov deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Banner.”



The full translation of the research can be found here:



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