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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #51798



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Researched Soviet screwback Order of the Red Banner #51798


Awarded to Sergeant Innokenty Andreyevich Murzin (Иннокентий Андреевич Мурзин)


This order of the Red Banner made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 41.53 mm in height and 36.67 mm in width. It weighs 24.9 gram. The serial number as well as the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse underneath the screwpost.

This original screwback order of the Red Banner is in nice, but worn condition. The details are in general well visible although there are traces of wear on the higher parts like the center wreath. The enamel on the arms of the center red star has fallen off and there is some old enamel repair on the top and lower banner. This is done a long time ago, probably by the awardee. Much of the original gold plating is still visible on both sides of the order. The reverse is in particularly great condition and shows an attractive patina. The order has never been converted and the screwpost has not been shortened. It comes with its time period silver screwplate.


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“As the commander of an artillery piece he showed fearlessness and valor in battle during the struggle with German fascism. On October 17, 1941, at a crossroads between Borisov and Mozhaisk on the Minsk road, his gun covered the withdrawal of our units to a new line.

Not far away the army staff was headquartered, in whose direction the enemy was swarming. Feeling a sense of responsibility, his gun crew did not retreat a single step, firing to the last shell, thus enabling the army staff to withdraw from the area and our units to fall back on a new line and take up position there. The enemy was at a distance of 200-300 meters from the gun and brought down mortar fire onto it, followed by [?] submachine gunners. Under these arduous conditions comrade Murzin managed to extract his materiel to the Mikhailovskoye area. He also extracted his gun under incredibly arduous conditions and destroyed a mortar battery there.

As part of a battery, his gun suppressed or destroyed more than 6 mortar batteries.

Comrade Murzin fully deserves the high Order of the Red Banner.”


Full translation of the research:



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