Soviet Order of the Red Banner 2nd award #7922



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Order of the Red Banner 2nd award #7922


Антонов Григорий Степанович


Awarded to Colonel Grigory Stepanovich Antonov (Григорий Степанович Антонов)


For demonstrating skill and bravery against superior enemy forces in Latvia. Present on the front lines, he personally engaged in combat with his personal fire arm to prevent encirclement after a neighboring division was overwhelmed. Under his leadership, his unit repelled 18 intense enemy counter-attacks inflicting heavy losses upon the enemy


Scarce to find a Red Banner ‘2’ with combat feats!



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 37.03 mm in width, 45.31 mm in height and weighs 23.9 gram without its suspension. The mint mark is located above the serial number in one curved line. The minimum known serial number of this variation is 7426 and the maximum is 8203 so less than 800 of these are produced.


This original order is in nice overall condition with medium wear to the raised parts like the center wreath and most details perfectly visible. Much of the original gold plating is still present and its enamels are well preserved without repairs and show some small dings and scratches only. Its connection ring has not been cut and the order comes with a time period double layer steel suspension and old ribbon.


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

Comrade ANTONOV has been serving as the division chief drill officer and proved himself as an educated, determined, and energetic commander in the combat operations near town Libava since 01 November 1944. The enemy had a numerically superior force and attempted to halt our advance and restore its lost defensive positions at any cost. Comrade ANTONOV was constantly present on the forward combat line assisting the division and the regiment commanders in their combat missions. In a combat engagement near settlement Sanderi on 02 Novemener 1944, the enemy large armour and infantry force attempted several intensive counter-attacks in the neighbouring sector defended by 346 rifle division. There was a threat of encirclement of our troops, since the neighbouring division was pushed out of their positions. Exhibiting exceptional courage in the face of mortal danger under intensive enemy fire, comrade ANTONOV rushed into the action with his personal firearms attempting to resolve the situation and regain control. Only due to his direct involvement and personal courage, the situation was promptly stabilised. In the combat engagements during 02-03 November 1944, the enemy conducted 18 intensive counter-attacks per day. Here again, his efficient leadership in achieving efficient coordination between artillerymortar support, small firearms fire, and supporting armour was the key to repel all the enemy thrusts with large enemy casualties. Later on, having exhausted the enemy by fighting, the division itself attacked again and seized up to 10 settlements, of which some were important enemy defence points like station Nderi, Bumbuli, Birges, Kumpji, Kesten, Keisteri, and others. The division pushed the enemy to the northern bank of the Barta river and at the same time prepared a bridgehead for later offensive operations.

For exhibited selflessness, resourcefulness, and leadership by personal example, which inspired the troops for combat feats, he deserves order “RED BANNER”.


The full translation can be found below:

– register card

– citation


More info on Colonel Antonov can be found here


Colonel Antonov was highly decorated and next to this Red Banner he received an Order of Lenin, 3 other Red Banners (4 in total), Order of the Patriotic War 1st class and several medals. A scan of an image with his awards can be found in the picture gallery


Also included in the picture gallery are:

  • a map of the 156th Rifle Division, 51th Army (56RD 51A) on 01 November 1944
  • the combat diary 156RD on 01 Nov 1944
  • maps showing the places mention in the citation



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