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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #28984 Reissue



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Researched Soviet Order of the Red Banner #28984


Марцелин Яковлевич Домарецкий


Reissue/ Victory Parade Issue


Awarded to Polish Sr. Lieutenant (later Colonel) Yakovlevich Domaretsky Marcelin (Яковлевич Домарецкий Марцелин)


For holding the line of defence for many days on end against a superior enemy force and eliminating hundreds of fascists in the proces. Lt. Marcelin sustained a head injury two months earlier in September 1941 



Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 46.42 mm in height including its eyelet, 37.98 mm in width and weighs 25.3 gram without its suspension. The reissue serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


This original order of the Red Banner is in near perfect condition. The details are crisp and the beautiful wine red enamel is flawless without flaking or scratches. Much gold plating is still present and covered with a light layer of patina. The reverse is in equally great condition and shows an attractive dark toning. Its connection ring has not been cut and the double sided steel suspension is time period to the award.


Reissue awards were given by the Soviet Government to a recipient; as a replacement piece; in exchange for the same order or medal of an earlier type which was no longer authorized for awarding by new regulations. The new reissue piece retains the serial number from the original award piece. Many early suspension or screwback awards were exchanged for the new type of award; particularly during the period immediately following the end of the Great Patriotic War. During the June 1945 Victory Parade in Moscow following the defeat of Germany in World War Two, soldiers participating in the Parade were expected to have the latest type of award on their uniforms and undoubtedly many were exchanged for that parade. These pieces are extremely rare.

Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“Sr. Lieutenant DOMARETSKY Marcelin Yakovlevich is a commander, who is resolute and proficient in combat tactics.

Comrade DOMARETSKY has acquired a wreath of glory in the patriotic war against the Fascism.

In the previous engagements near Kakhovka, Sr. Lt. DOMARETSKY inspired his men by personal example and stubbornly held against the German attacks for 3 days straight. In the engagement near Lyubimovka, Sr. LT. DOMARETKY’s battalion held the line for 7 days against a superior enemy force. In this battle, the Fascists lost 400 men killed.

On another occasion, Lt. DOMRETSKY with a 60 men strong detachment was given the mission to cover the evacuation of the divisional headquarters. Comrade DOMARETSKY held the enemy thrust (up to a regiment) for 3 hours. He retreated without losses to the assigned sector after the mission was complete.

During 01 November – 20 December 1941, battalion commander Sr. Lt. DOMARETSKY’s unit eliminated up to 200 troops and captured a large quantity of enemy materiel.

On 25 December 1941, fearless battalion commander Sr. Lt. DOMARETSKY overcame the enemy resistance and captured the village Mikhailovka, where they eliminated a lot of Facist troops.”


Full translation of the research can be found below:

– register card

– citation


More info on Lt. Marcelin (Col.) Marcelin can be found here


In the picture gallery an image of Lt. Marcelin can be found wearing this Order of the Red Banner



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