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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #218162



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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #218162


Воробьев Анатолий Александрович


Awarded to Lieutenant-Colonel Anatoly Alexandrovich Vorobyov (Анатолий Александрович Воробьев)


For flying dozens of combat mission and inflicting large losses to the enemy in East-Prussia: several vehicles, dozens of troops and an ammunition depot



Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 45.26 mm in height, 37.61 mm in width and it weighs 26.1 grams without its suspension. The serial number and curved mint mark are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


In excellent, above average condition with light wear to the higher laying parts like the center wreath. Most details are still visible and both sides show several, but relatively few, small dings and scratches. The white enamel is flawless and the red enamel shows some contact marks and minuscule superficial chipping around the edges only. Its connection ring has been cut and the order comes with its old double layer steel suspension.



Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“Lieutenant Colonel Vorobyov has been in the position of commander of 267th airfield maintenance battalion since 1941. Having practical combat experience in providing combat flying units, Lieutenant Colonel Vorobyov did not allow a single case of delay and disruption of combat missions of combat flying units based at him.

Since the last award for the 2nd half of 1944 and the 1st quarter of 1945, the amb has served 30 combat flight air units, 7 directorates of corps and air divisions, provided 9553 sorties during this period, having arranged 794 tons of ammunition, 2776 tons of fuel and lubricants, served 4096 sorties with communications . All parts were well maintained.

The battalion provided excellent work and was presented the Order of the Red Banner by the commander of the 15th Air Army.
The battalion built 5 airfields, which were always kept in excellent combat readiness. For the preparation of the Mitava airfield in the spring of 1945, he received gratitude from the commander of the 15th AA. During the first half of 1945, the battalion equipped 11 catering units with up to 2,500 people eating daily.

The airfield maintenance battalion relocated 5 times without incident and its vehicles covered 406,385 km. 11561 tons of cargo were transported. During this period, 81 personnel of the battalion were awarded orders and medals.

The battalion is combat ready. The discipline is good. The staff is selected and united.

In the last operation to defeat the Kurland grouping of the enemy, Vorobyov served the 3rd Guards Bomber Corps in the amount of 75 aircraft at the Mitava airfield.

Personally, Lieutenant Colonel Vorobyov is disciplined, demanding with his subordinates, he brought up many officers who now occupy leadership positions.
All the merits that the airfield maintenance battalion has with uninterrupted and excellent support for combat aviation are the merits of Lieutenant Colonel Vorobyov.

For his energetic, enterprising, uninterrupted work to ensure combat aviation, he is worthy of a government award with the Order of the Red Banner.


More info on Lt. Col. Vorobyov can be found here


Two picture of Vorobyov were found online, one of which shows him wearing this Red Banner



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