Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 1st class #272239, scarce ‘Mercedes’ variation with its mint mark in two lines



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Order of the Patriotic War 1st class #272239


Александров Василий Федорович


Awarded to Major Vasilij Fedorovich Alexandrov (Василий Федорович Александров)


For bravery in combat and sustaining a severe wound and loosing an arm while serving in the 3 Guards tank army. Earlier, during the Battle of Kursk he received a Red Star for inflicting huge losses to the enemy with his battalion. 8 tanks were destroyed among which a Tiger 1 which was captured after being hit


Scarce ‘Mercedes’ (the position of the spikes on its reverse) variation with its mint mark in two lines



Made of solid gold, silver and enamels. Measures 46.87 mm in height, 43.61 mm in width and weighs 31.2 grams without its screwplate. The serial number is located at the 6 o’clock position and the mint mark Monetni Dvor in two lines is located at the 12 o’clock position of its reverse. The minimum known serial number for this variation is 242489 and the maximum is 276539. The actual number produced of this variation is much less considering the majority of orders in this range has the spikes in their ‘regular’ position.


In superb condition with some crisp details, razor sharp edges and few traces of wear. The white enamels and the red enamels are stunning without chipping or repairs and show some minor contact marks only. Its screwpate fits well and is time period to the order and its screw has not been shortened.


Scarce variation in great condition



Citation for his Order of the Patriotic War 1st class #272239:

Major ALEKSANDROV  has been serving in the 3 Guards tank army form January 1943 till July 1944 occupying the positions: the political officer of a tank battalion and deputy head of the political department of the rear area of 3 Guards tank army. At present, after the sustained severe wound and loosing an arm, he has been dismissed from the RKKA ranks.

During his serve in the army, Major ALEKSANDROV exhibited exceptional diligence in his work. He is initiative and prompt officer, who executed all his assignments efficiently and in time.

His conduct in combat setting is brave and courageous. Being regularly present among the fighting formations, he conducted Communist party and political agitation work.

For diligent work, for personal courage and bravery exhibited in combat, Major ALEKSANDROV deserves to be bestowed with order “PATRIOTIC WAR I CLASS”.

Signed by the head of the political department of 3 Guards tank army.

Guards Colonel /KAPNIK/

12 May 1945


Citation for his Red Star #568285: 

He proved himself as a brave, decisive, and steadfast commander in the fight against the German invaders on the Bryansk front (Orel sector) since 19 July 1943. His daily political education effort, during the unit formation and later during combat operations, formed brave and courageous fighters. During the combat period of the battalion from 19 July 1943 to 11 August 1943, the battalion personnel inflicted the following losses to the enemy: 8 tanks, 34 anti-tank cannons, 14 anti-tank rifles, 4 SPGs, 3 vehicles, 5 APCs, 10 mortar batteries, 21 heavy machine-guns, 1 armoured vehicle, 1 headquarters vehicle, up to 5 battalions of enemy troops, 3 horse carriage with ammunition load, 2 tractors. One T-6 tank was hit.

The unit captured the following enemy materiel: 1 T-6 tank, 19 trucks, 10 anti-tank cannons. 29 settlements were liberated from the German occupants.

He deserves to be bestowed with order “RED STAR”.

Signed by the commander of 317 tank battalion.

Guard Sr.Lt. /FEDOROV/

27 August 1943


The translation of the register card can be read here


More information on Major Alexandrov can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery is a scan of an image of Major Alexandrov 



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