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Soviet Order of Lenin #9500



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Order of Lenin #9500


Awarded to Lieutenant Ivan Ivanovich Zhikunov (Иван Иванович Жикунов)


For destroying five enemy tanks, one self propelled gun, two log bunkers, four enemy cannons and up to three platoons of infantry


Zhikunov Kept on fighting even after his tank was on fire


Made of solid gold, platinum and enamels. Measures 40.03 mm in height (including the top of the flag pole), 38.66 mm in width and weighs 35.5 gram without its screwplate. The mint mark Monetni Dvor and the serial number are located on its reverse. This is a scarce screwback variation which were awarded before June 1943. The lowest known serial number for this variation is #6372 and the highest known number is #13378. About 7,000 of these were awarded. 

This original order is in a nice, above average condition for an early wartime screwback variation. Its details are all visible and the higher laying parts of Lenin’s face medium wear. Its enamels are relatively well preserved for this early type and over 90% is still present. The reverse shows few dings and scratches only and its screw has not been shortened. The order comes with its time period and well fitted silver screwplate and there have been no repairs or conversions.

The order is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity for Paul McDaniel and is rated a solid 7 out of 10. In the picture gallery scans of the order booklet can be found. This booklet itself is not present in this lot unfortunately.


A wonderful award with interesting research. Rare as such!



Short Concrete Description of Excellent Military Action or Service:

On March 23, 1942 in the area of the village of Usovo, the tank under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant Lazarev encountered and bravely engaged a superior enemy force of six tanks. Two of the tanks were destroyed, while the others were sent into retreat. The crew of Lieutenant Zhikunov, fighting in another part of Usovo village, saw Lazarev’s fight against the enemy tanks and came to his aid. Zhikunov’s tank engaged the four retreating enemy tanks. The tank’s gunner, Senior Sergeant Fadeyev destroyed three of the tanks, but one managed to escape.

Zhikunov’s tank then destroyed an antitank cannon, which was firing at it from a log bunker. Other enemy artillery opened fire at the tank. The tank’s turret jammed, and gunner Senior Sergeant Fadeyev was wounded. The tank caught on fire. Zhikunov ordered the driver to crush the enemy infantry with the tracks of the tank. The tank driver, Sergeant Major Lekomtsev, burst into the enemy entrenchment, crushed a cannon, which had been firing at his tank with incendiary rounds, and destroyed up to thirty infantrymen, after which he also demolished several burned out houses that had been hiding enemy submachine gunners. Radio operator Yesakov was able to extinguish the fire in the tank, and opened fire at the fascists with the machine gun.

A counter attack, which had been planned by the enemy at the point of resistance near Usovo village, was thwarted. The enemy suffered considerable losses after the fight led by tanks under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union Lazarev and Lieutenant Zhikunov. Together, they destroyed five enemy tanks, one self propelled gun, two log bunkers, four enemy cannons and up to three platoons of infantry. After the fight both tanks arrived at the assembly point.

Tank Commander Lieutenant Zhikunov showed bravery and courage, and he deserves to be awarded the Order of Lenin.


The translation of the citation can be found in the picture galley


More info on Lt. Zhikunov can be found here



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