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Soviet Order of Lenin #9231, rare double tier screwpost base subvariation



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Order of Lenin #9231


Рябов Платон Петрович


Awarded to Sr. Lieutenant Platon Petrovich Ryabov (Платон Петрович Рябов) for exceptional bravery shown in the Yelnya operation and the Battle of Moscow


He conducted 31 combat mission relentlessly eliminating the cocky fascists, ignited a forest and eliminating an enemy troops concentration near the settlement Yelnya while under severe AA-fire, destroyed up to 5 enemy aircraft, 1 tank and 7 trucks with troops. On many occasions, the aircraft came back with up to 15-20 holes but comrade Ryabov took off again for new combat missions


Recommended for the the title “HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION”



Made of solid gold, platinum and enamels. Measures 39.58 mm in height (including the top of the flag pole), 37.98 mm in width and weighs 35.0 grams without its screwplate. The mint mark and the serial number are located on its reverse.

This original order is excellent, well above average condition for an early wartime screwback variation. Its details are all crisp and the higher laying parts of Lenin’s face show light wear and a few small scratches. Its enamels are very well preserved for this early type and fully original with some minor flaking at the right side only. The order comes with its time period and well fitted silver screwplate and there have been no repairs or conversions.

This is an extremely rare screwback variation with a “Mondvor” mintmark and double tier screwpost base. These initially ranged between the serial numbers ~2700-3800 and were awarded during the height of Stalin’s Purge in 1938. As a result some of these Orders of Lenin were confiscated and re-used with a new serial number being engraved officially by the mint. Only a handful of these are known and even less so with a double tier screwpost. Some additional information on the known serial numbers can be read here


A very rare award with great research and in excellent condition. Very desirable!


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

Aircraft crew:

1. Military commissar of the aviation squadron Sr. Politruk LUCHINKIN
2. Adjutant of the aviation squadron Sr.Lieutenant RYABOV P.P.
3. Air gunner and radio operator Sr.Sergeant ZVONAREV

During the course of the combat actions, comrade RYABOV proved himself as a devoted son of his Motherland, fearless, decisive, and initiative fighter-Communist. Being an adjutant of the aviation squadron, comrade RYABOV conducted 31 combat mission relentlessly eliminating the cocky Fascists. Comrade RYABOV received a combat mission order to ignite a forest and eliminate an enemy troops concentration near the settlement Yelnya. Determined RYABOV was flying his aircraft towards the target. An enemy AA-gun concentrated its fire at the Soviet aircraft, but despite the AA barrage fire, comrade RYABOV successfully struck the target and accomplished the mission.

In the air raid against the enemy airfield Sescha, he skilfully evaded the enemy AA fire, then comrade RYABOV successfully and precisely approached and attacked the target, destroying up to 5 enemy aircraft on the ground. For this mission, the Red Army Airforce Commander issued him a gratitude. In the reconnaissance mission along the road Smolensk – Yaroslavl, experienced bombardier comrade RYABOV spotted and effectively attacked an enemy vehicle column. Having bombed 5 trucks with enemy personnel, he then descended to a low altitude and bravely strafed the enemy several times. On 05 October 1941, when our airfield in Pavlovo was attacked, he took off to save the plane and then successfully bombed an enemy infantry troops column on the road Yukhnov – Znamenka, destroying 1 tank and 2 trucks with troops.

He also performs efficiently in the night missions against the enemy troops concentrations, tanks, and columns. He always takes his aircraft precisely to the designated target, delivers a successful strike, and then takes the aircraft precisely to the home base. On many occasions, the aircraft came back with up to 15-20 holes. But after a few hours of repairs, comrade RYABOV took off again for a new combat mission, thus making 3-4 successful combat sorties during a night.

CONCLUSION: According to the order №0299 issued by the Peoples Commissar of Defence on 19.08.1941, he deserves to be recommended for the highest destination – the title “HERO OF SOVIET UNION”.

The full translation of the research can be read below:

– register card

– citation


Lt. Ryabov was also involved in a friendly fire incident in the village Staroe Selo on 25.02.1944. The translation of the report can be read below:

Reported casualties: at least over 20 killed.

Known consequences:
RYABOV was demoted in the rank and expelled from the Communist party.

Combat journal of 6 all-purpose aviation corps.
Entry 25.02.1944.

57 bomber aviation regiment made 11 combat sorties (of which one was for the weather reconnaissance). Total flying time – 13h 46m.
9 aircrafts took off with a mission for a ground strike at the enemy troops in the settlement Falevichi.
Due to criminal negligence on the part of the squadrons leading bombardier Cpt. RYABOV and his 7 wingmen bombardiers of Boston A-20-B, at 08:36, altitude 900m, they released the bombs over the friendly territory at the settlement Staroe Selo. 2 crews of the group (bombardiers ORLOV and MEDVED) didn’t release their bombs and returned with them home, being convinced they were still over the friendly territory. Dropped: 32 FAB-100, 95 AO-25.

Combat journal Airforce 49А
Entry 25.02.1944.

57 bomber aviation regiment ( a group of 9 aircrafts). Aviation squadron commander Cpt. AVAZADZE, leading bombardier Cpt. RYABOV, at 08:34, altitude 1000m, instead of the intended objective Falevichi, attacked the settlement Staroe Selo, which was occupied by our troops. Two crews didn’t release the bombs and returned with them home.
The reason for the friendly fire:
a) Loss of precise orientation by the leading bombardier RYBOV caused by exceptional criminal negligence during a combat mission on the part of the commander ABAZADZE, as well as by most of the crews.
b) Extremely poor combat training level.
All this occurred despite previously happened shameful friendly fire incidents caused by the regiment personnel: bombardiers KAMENSKY and RYABOV. For which, RYABOV was previously demoted to an aircraft crew bombardier position by the order issued personally by the deputy Red Army Airforce Commander VOROZHILKIN.


More info on Lt. Ryabov can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are:

  • combat journal 6APAC on 25Feb1944
  • combat journal Airforce 49А on 25Feb1944
  • dispatch on friendly troops signalling
  • map village Staroe Selo
  • officers of 6APAC
  • photos of the 57BAR and RYABOV wearing this Order of Lenin



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