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Soviet Medal of Ushakov #8370


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Medal of Ushakov #8370



Awarded to Senior Starshina (Sergeant Major) Vitaly Aleksandrovich Aniskevich (Виталий Александрович Анискевич) on the Lend-Lease “ТЩ-526″ minesweeper


For personally leading repairs and restoration of the electromagnetic minesweeping device after an enemy proximity sea mine exploded in it when fighting the Japanese



Made of solid silver. Measures 36.19 mm in width, 48.81 mm in height and weighs 31.4 grams without its suspension. Featuring admiral Ushakov surrounded by 84 ‘pearls’. The serial number, “8370”, is located on the reverse of the medal. The minimum known serial number is 9 and the maximum 15704.  


In excellent, well above average condition with light overall wear. The medal shows several dings and scratches but the details of the raised parts like Ushakov’s face are perfectly visible and crisp. All parts of the suspension are original and time period including the silver chain, the ribbon and the double layer steel suspension itself. Its connection ring has not been cut.


Scarce piece in excellent condition!


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms:

He was promoted to an officer position from NCO corps as an energetic, professional, and highly cultural NCO. He has extensive experience as a leader of a team. In the short time available, he mastered advanced equipment and built a cohesive combat crew despite the fact, that 50% of his personnel was completely new. Under his command, the 5th battle station (engines) became the best on the ship.

During the period of war against the Japanese invaders, he ensured malfunction free operation of all the mechanisms, which enabled the ship to perform 4 combat missions for escorting the transports carrying assault troops to the landing sites. He ensured function of the electromagnetic minesweeping equipment, which resulted in disarmament of an enemy sea mine and detection of an enemy sea mine filed. He personally led repairs and restoration of the electromagnetic minesweeping device after an enemy proximity sea mine exploded in it. This effort allowed for continuing of the mine sweeping operations.


The full translation of the research can be read here


More information on Starshina Aniskevich can be found here


Information on the Lend-Lease minesweeper YMS-435 (later) TSch-526:

The Izhorets type steamship was originally built at the Petrozavodsk plant №375 in 1937 as a tugboat but was mobilised to the Baltic Fleet on 12 July 1941 and was set up as minesweeper no. ТЩ-126. It was assigned to detect and minesweeper the floating mines on the Volkhov river. It was sunk by a German anti-tank mine installed on river ice during a mine clearing mission, but was raised on 16 May 1943 and fully restored.


Also included in the picture gallery is an image of the ТЩ-526 class minesweeper, a screenshot of lend-lease vessel register and screenshots of information on the ТЩ-526/YMS-435 found online


Information on the YMS-435 (later) TSch-526 minesweeper:

T-526-minesweeper of the Navy of the USSR of the “UMS” (YMS) type (until 02/13/1945 – YMS-435). Former American, laid down on May 11, 1944 at the Modjean & Erickson shipyardin Tacoma (USA), launched on 09/30/1944 and entered into service with the US Navy on 03/05/1945. on lend-lease, 05/28/1945 departed from Cold Bay and 06/05/1945, upon arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, became part of the North Pacific Flotilla of the Pacific Fleet. Participated in the Great Patriotic War: defense of communications and bases in the Sea of Japan and in the Tatar Strait, South Sakhalin 08/11-25/1945 offensive operation; was part of the 7th separate Sakhalin Red Banner division of minesweepers. From 10/19/1945 he was part of the Sakhalin military flotilla and from 01/17/1947 to 04/23/1953 – in the 7th navy, 10/17/1955 was withdrawn from combat, mothballed and laid up, and on July 11, 1956



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