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Soviet Medal of Ushakov #5621


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Medal of Ushakov #5621


Awarded to Senior Sailor Nikolay Ivanovich Kochin (Николай Иванович Кочин)


For being a key member of the destroyer “Uritsky” crew since 1943. He was wounded in the Leningrad defence and has excelled as a sailor. He participated in 45 combat missions, helped safely escort 180 transport ships, and repelled 21 submarine attacks


His ship was later used for a nuclear explosion test in 1955 near Novaya Zemplya nuclear test ground where it was sunk



Made of solid silver. Measures 35.83 mm in width, 48.97 mm in height including its eyelet and it weighs 33.8 grams without its suspension. Featuring admiral Ushakov surrounded by 84 ‘pearls’. The serial number, “5621”, is located on the reverse of the medal. The minimum known serial number is 9 and the maximum 15704.  


In nice condition with medium overall wear. The raised parts like Ushakov’s facial features are perfectly visible as are the details of the lettering. There are numerous dings and scratches on both sides and both sides are covered with a thick layer of dark patina. The chain on its (improvised) suspension is nicely made but not authentic to the medal and its connection ring has been cut.


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms:

Senior Sailor KOCHIN N.I. has been serving on the destroyer “Uritsky” since 1943 in the capacity of food supplies responsible. He participated in the Leningrad defence, where he sustained a sever wound. He proved himself as one of ship best sailors during his service. He took part in 45 combat missions of the ship. With his participation, there were safely escorted 180 Soviet and Allied transport ships, repelled 21 enemy submarine attacks. According to the order of battle, he is assigned to a gun for Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Submarine fire defence.

He proved himself as a brave and courageous warrior on his battle post. He took part in troops and food transportation to the Liinakhamari sea port. He participated in towing of damaged Norwegian oil tanker, where he proved himself as an excellent and decisive sailor.

For excellent and timely food provision to the ship crew and for exhibited courage and bravery, I recommend him for state award “USHAKOV” medal.


The full translation of the citation can be read here


More information on Kochin can be found here


Also in the picture gallery are screenshots providing information on the destroyer Uritsky and its missions and a scan of an image of its crew 



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