Soviet Medal for Bravery #580930



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Soviet Medal for Bravery #580930


Awarded to Guards private (later sergeant) Avenir Fedorovich Gavrilov (Авенир Федорович Гаврилов)


For being the first to rush into the village of Annovka and eliminating 5 enemy submachine-gunners an enemy light machine-gun position



Made of solid silver. Measures 37.19 mm in diameter and 2.73 mm in thickness. The height of the medal is 42.37 mm including the eyelet and it weighs 26.8 gram without its suspension. 


The medal for Bravery is in nice condition with several dings and scratches but light overall wear. The higher laying parts like the details of the tank and the planes are still crisp. The lacquer filling the letters appears to be repaired professionally and its connection ring has not been cut.



Short translation of the research:

“Rifleman of the 9th rifle company, 3 rifle battalion, Guards private GAVRILOV Avenir Fedorovich is awarded for the offensive operations on the Steep front, in which he exhibited courage and bravery in the struggle against the German invaders.

In the assault on the village Annovka, Verkhnedneprovsk region, on 04 October 1943, he was the first to rush into the village and eliminated 5 enemy submachine-gunners and suppressed an enemy light machine-gun position.”

Gavrilov’s unit was in a pickle on 04.10.1943. His 3rd battalion encountered German armour and 3 armoured flamethrowers, 8 RKKA soldiers were burned.



The full translation of the research can be found below

– Register card

– Citation 



More information on private Gavrilov can be found here




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