Soviet Medal for Bravery #3364075 with document



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Medal for Bravery #3364075 with document


Awarded to Guards Sergeant Vasily Denisovich Statsuk (Иван Григорьевич Паламарчук


For actions in April 1945, in the Fishhausen mountains, Zemland peninsula. Despite enemy fire, he identified and targeted an anti-air gun and a machine gun from his observation post. These were subsequently destroyed by artillery, aiding in the battle’s success



Made of solid silver and lacquer. It measures 37.20 mm in diameter and 2.63 mm in thickness. The height of the medal is 42.06 mm (including the eyelet) and it weighs 26.9 grams without its suspension.


This Medal for Bravery is in decent condition with most details visible and medium to strong overall wear. Both sides show several dings and scratches and the red lacquer filling the lettering is worn off. Its connection ring has not been cut and the medal comes with its time period double later suspension with improvised stickpin and old ribbon.


The accompanying booklet is in worn condition but all pages are present and attached to its cover. The two other awards listed are not present in this lot.


Short translation of the citation:

Born in 1923, a Ukrainian. No party member. On the fronts of the Patriotic War since June 1941, from the front-Western since June 1941, southern front from October 1941. 4th Ukrainian

Front from 9.43, 1st Baltic Front from 7.44 and 3rd Belarusian Front from 12.44. Severe shrapnel wound 6.2.42 near Sevastopol- the southern front of the Red Army from June 41

was called up by the Kuibyshev RVC, Zaporizhia region. Was awarded the Bravery Medal on 19.4.44 and Order of the Red Star on 22.10.1944.

8. The commander of the topographic reconnaissance department of the headquarters battery-Guards Sergeant Vasily Denisovich Statsuk, for being in the battles of 16 and 17 April 1945 in the area of the Fishhausen mountains, on the Zemland peninsula, while under enemy fire, at an observation post he discovered and spotted an anti-air gun and an enemy machine gun, which were destroyed by artillery fire, which contributed to the success


More information on Sgt. Statsuk can be read here



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