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Hero of the Soviet Union #8825



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Hero of the Soviet Union #8825


Петр Зиновьевич Радионов


Awarded to Sergeant Petr Zinovievich Radionov (Петр Зиновьевич Радионов)


For crossing the Tisza river [Hungary] on a log, attacking and destroying an heavy machine gun position eliminating 25 Hungarian soldiers. Later, after establishing a radio link, his battery was encircled and ran out of ammunition. Sgt. Radionov jumped out of his trench eliminated an additional 15 Hungarian soldiers in hand-to-hand combat


Made of solid 23 carat gold. It measures 32.66 mm in height including the eyelet, 30.52 mm in width and it weighs 21.1 grams without its suspension. The the text Герой СССР (Hero of the USSR) is located at the center of the reverse right underneath the serial number ‘8825’. The suspension is authentic to the medal and measures 26.31 mm in width at his widest point and 21.91 in height without the eyelet.

In a nice, about average condition without repairs. Both sides show medium wear to the raised parts and the lettering and serial number on its reverse still have their details perfectly visible. The very tips of the star have the usual wear and both sides show several dings and scratches. Both the eyelet and connection ring have plenty of body and no risk of breaking.

The suspension includes its time period and original ribbon, hexagon nut and uncut connection ring but the rectangular plate holding the ribbon is missing. Its screw has not been shortened and its original silver screwplate fits perfectly well.

The star is accompanied by a presentation box which may or may not be authentic / altered.


A rare piece with extensive and amazing research!


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

“During crossing of the Tisza river on the night of 08-09 October 1944 near the village of Ellés (Hungary), Sergeant RADIONOV exhibited personal heroism and courage. Ahead of the infantry troops he swam with his radio on a log across the river. He attacked and destroyed an enemy’s heavy machine gun position with his hand grenades and eliminated 25 Hungarian soldiers with fire of his personal submachine-gun.

Comrade RADIONOV established radio link towards his battery. He detected and precisely reported targeting data to his battery, so that the enemy positions were immediately destroyed by the battery. This effort ensured successful crossing of the river by our infantry.

On 13 October 1944, the enemy managed to encircle and come close to the firing positions of the battery. The ammunition was about to be depleted. Comrade RADIONOV jumped out of his trench and in hand-to-hand combat eliminated 15 Hungarian soldiers.

For personal courage and bravery, sergeant RADIONOV deserve the highest state honour – the title “HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION”.”


The full translation of the research can be read below:

– citation

register card


Biography on Sgt. Radionov:

Rodionov Pyotr Zinovievich – senior scout of the battery of the 254th mortar regiment (27th mortar Leningrad brigade, 5th guards artillery Stalingrad division of the breakthrough of the Reserve of the High Command, 2nd Ukrainian Front), sergeant.

He was born on April 26, 1923 in the village of Kadyshevo later Bolshetarkhansky, now Tetyushsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan in a peasant family. Secondary education. He worked on a collective farm. He was drafted into the army in April 1942 by the Bolshetarkhansky district military registration and enlistment office.
In the active army – since December 1942.

He fought on the Central, Western, Leningrad, 2nd Ukrainian fronts. He was wounded three times, one of them seriously.
Particularly distinguished himself in the Debrecen offensive during the crossing of the Tisza River in Hungary.
On the night of October 9, 1944, with a walkie-talkie, he was one of the first to cross the Tisza River on a log near the village of Elles and threw grenades at the enemy’s heavy machine gun, destroying them. During the crossing of the river he detected enemy firing points and transmitted their coordinates, then corrected the fire of the battery, which suppressed the firing points, ensuring the crossing of troops. After the crossing of the river by the rest of the battery, they found themselves surrounded by the enemy and Rodionov participated in hand-to-hand combat, defending the firing position.

By order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on March 24, 1945, for the courage and heroism shown during the crossing of the Tisza River and in the captured bridgehead, Rodionov Petr Zinovievich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.
In 1946 he was demobilized. He lived in the village of Tastinskoye, Amantogai district, Turgay region, Kazakh SSR, now the village of Tasty, Amangeldy district, Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan. He worked as a teacher in a school in the village of Tastinskoe.
Died June 26, 1978.
A street in the village of Tastinskoye was named after the Hero.
Awarded the Order of Lenin (03/24/1945), medals. The name of PZ Rodionov is listed on the Alley of Heroes in the Victory Park of the city of Kostanay.

From December 5 to December 26, 1942, P.Z. Rodionov fought on the Central Front; December 26, 1942 was seriously wounded.
After being cured, he fought in the 27th mortar brigade of the 5th guards artillery division of the RGK breakthrough.
On the Western Front, he participated in the Smolensk strategic operation – Spas-Demenskaya (August 7 – 20, 1943), Yelninsko-Dorogobuzh (August 28 – September 6, 1943) and Smolensk-Roslavl (September 15 – October 2, 1943) offensive operations; Orsha (October 12 – December 2, 1943), 1st (December 23, 1943 – January 6, 1944) and 2nd (February 3 – March 13, 1944) Vitebsk offensive operations.
He was twice slightly wounded – September 16 and December 3, 1943; quickly returned to service.
In May 1944, the 5th Guards Artillery Breakthrough Division was transferred to the Leningrad Front, where it participated from May 15 to August 8 1944 as part of the 21st Army in battles on the Karelian Isthmus, including the Vyborg offensive operation (10 – 20 June 1944) and the liberation of Vyborg.

After that, the division was redeployed to the 2nd Ukrainian Front, where it participated in the Iasi-Kishinev (August 20-29, 1944) strategic operation on the territory of Moldova and Romania; Bucharest-Arad offensive operation and the defeat of the German-Hungarian troops near the Romanian-Hungarian border (August 30 – October 3, 1944); Debrecen offensive operation on the territory of Hungary (October 6 – 28, 1944); Budapest Strategic Offensive Operation and Storming of Budapest (October 29, 1944 – February 13, 1945); Vienna Strategic (March 16 – April 15, 1945); Bratislava-Brnovskaya (March 25 – May 5, 1945) and Prague strategic (May 6 – 12, 1945) offensive operations.



More info about on Sgt. Radionov can be found on wikipedia, and 


Also included in the picture gallery are two digital images, one of which shows him wearing his Hero Star, a combat diary of the 254th Mortar Regiment, a combat diary of the 1057th Rifle Regiment, 297th Rifle Division and an infosheet / battle map near Ellés



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