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Hero of the Soviet Union #4701



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Hero of the Soviet Union #4701


Невский Николай Арсентьевич


Awarded to Captain Nikolaj Arsentievich Nevsky (Николай Арсентьевич Невский)


For destroying 14 enemy firing positions and up to a company of enemy troops, developing very effective tactics and not leaving the battlefield while being wounded 


Made of solid 23 carat gold. It measures 32.13 mm in height including the eyelet, 29.95 mm in width and it weighs 19.6 gram without its suspension. The the text Герой СССР (Hero of the USSR) is located at the centre of the reverse right underneath the serial number ‘4701’. The suspension is authentic to the medal and measures 26.17 mm in width at his widest point and 21.74 in height without the eyelet.

In an excellent, above average condition with all parts complete and original and without repairs. Both sides show light to medium wear to the higher laying parts and the lettering and serial number on its reverse still have their details perfectly visible. The very tips of the star have the usual wear and both sides show several dings and scratches. Both the eyelet and connection ring show have plenty of body and no risk of breaking.

The suspension includes its time period and original ribbon, rectangular plate, hexagon nut and uncut connection ring. Its screw has not been shortened and its original screwplate fits perfectly well.


A rare piece with extensive and amazing research!


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits

Comrade NEVSKY exhibited exceptional courage, bravery, and his military skill in commanding and providing artillery support to the advancing infantry during the combat operations for forced crossing of the Vistula river and subsequent battles for enlargement of the bridgehead. Being present at all the times among the infantry combat formations, he always provided necessary fire support and enabled the rifle troops in fulfilling their objectives. At the right decisive moments, he would deploy his gun pieces (and even howitzers) on a direct open sight positions and deliver direct point blank fire at the enemy firing positions. Such as, during 29-31 July 1944 during forced crossing of the Vistula river, during 16-25 August 1944 in the battles for enlargement of the bridgehead, comrade NEVSKY was wounded through and through into his arm by two splinters. He didn’t abandon the battlefield, but having his wounds dressed, remained in command of his squadron and continued the engagement. Only in the combat during 26-27 August 1944, his squadron spotted and destroyed (he also personally aimed and fired a gun), 14 enemy firing positions and up to a company of enemy troops.

Captain NEVSKY is well known not only in our regiment, but also in all the rifle regiments of the division. He is known as a brave and skilful artillery officer. In the enemy pursuit operations from the river Bug to the river Vistula, Cpt. NEVSKY employed the following tactic: advancing forward, he always had 1-2 gun pieces closely following him, so that in case of an enemy encounter, he could always quickly deploy them. This greatly assisted our rifle units in their advance. This mode of operation was a good learning example for other artillerymen. He deserves the title “HERO OF SOVIET UNION”.

The full translation of the research can be read below:

– register card

– citation


Biography  of Captain Nikolaj Arsentievich Nevsky:

Nevsky, Nikolaj Arsentievich – divisional commander of the 940th artillery regiment of the 370th rifle division of the 69th army of the 1st Belorussian Front, captain.

Born on February 22, 1922 in the city of Gomel of Russian Nationality. He lived in the city of Gzhatsk (now Gagarin), Smolensk region. Graduated from 10 classes.

In the Red Army since September 1940. He served as a Red Army soldier in the 533rd anti-aircraft artillery regiment of the Kiev Special Military District. In November 1941 he graduated from the 1st Kiev Artillery School, evacuated to Siberia.

Member of the Great Patriotic War since March 1942. He was the commander of a command platoon, battery, deputy and commander of an artillery battalion. He fought on the North-Western, 2nd Baltic and 1st Belorussian fronts. Member of the CPSU since 1943. He was wounded three times in battles.

Participated in:
– in defensive and offensive battles in the area of ​​the Demyansk – in 1942;
– in battles on the Lovat River in the Russian direction – in 1943;
– in the Novosokolnichi operation, including the liberation of the Mayevo station, in the Brest-Lublin operation, in the crossing of the Western Bug and Vistula rivers with the conquest of the Pulawski bridgehead – in 1944;
– in the Vistula-Oder operation, including in the liberation of the cities of Radom, Tomaszow, Jarocin, in the forcing of the Pilitsa, Warta, Oder rivers with the conquest of a bridgehead, in the Berlin operation, in the battles to eliminate the Guben enemy grouping, in the battles for reaching the Elbe in area of ​​the city of Magdeburg – in 1945.

The division of the 940th artillery regiment under the command of Captain Nevsky at the end of July August 1944 carried out artillery support when crossing the Vistula River. Dozens of enemy firing points on the western bank of the river were suppressed by battery fire, which contributed to the capture of a bridgehead in the area of ​​the city of Pulawy (Poland). He was wounded, but did not leave the battlefield.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of February 21, 1945, for the exemplary fulfillment of combat missions of the command on the front of the struggle against the Nazi invaders and the courage and heroism shown at the same time, Captain Nevsky, Nikolaj Arsentievich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal (No. 4701).

After the war he continued to serve in the army. In 1950 he graduated from the Military Academy named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky, in 1953 – postgraduate studies here. From April 1953 he worked as a teacher and senior lecturer at the Department of Ground Artillery Tactics at the Military Artillery Command Academy, candidate of military sciences (1953) and associate professor. In 1962-1971 he served as the commander of artillery regiments: the 683rd heavy howitzer AP, the 710th army AP, the 350th AP as part of the 6th Guards Tank Division. In 1971-82 he worked as a teacher of the 4th department of the Kalinin Military Artillery Academy.

Colonel N.F. Nevsky has been retired since 1982. He lived in the hero cities of Moscow and Leningrad. He died on October 27, 1989. He was buried in St. Petersburg at the Serafimovskoye cemetery.

Awarded the Orders of Lenin (02.21.45), the Red Banner (02.22.45), Suvorov 3rd class (06.1945), Alexander Nevsky (08/04/44), Patriotic War 1st class (04/06/85), 2 Orders of the Red Star (03.09.42; 30.12.56), the Order “For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR” 3rd class (30.04.75), medals “For the Victory over Germany”, “For the Capture of Berlin”, “For the Liberation of Warsaw” and “30 years of the Red Army and Navy “.


More info about on Captain Nevsky can be found on wikipedia, and


Also included in the picture gallery are the following items:

  • digital images of Captain (later Colonel) Nevsky wearing this very Hero Star
  • an info sheet of the Pulawy bridgehead (940th Artillery Regiment)
  • several maps of the Pulawy bridgehead 370 Rifle Division on 10, 27 and 28 August 1944
  • target reference points of the 940th Artillery Regiment of 17, 20 and 21 August 1944



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