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Group of Soviet Awards: Order of the Red Banner #95307, Medal for Bravery #582527 and medals



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Group of Soviet Awards


Ишхан Григорьевич Григорян


Awarded to Lieutenant of the Medical Service Ishkhan Grigorievich Grigorian (Ишхан Григорьевич Григорян)


For exceptional courage and fearlessness and personally saving dozens of lives; 5 of them by by swimming across the Oka River and 53 seriously wounded soldiers were saved by him from the battlefield


Recommended for the Order of LENIN



The group consists of the following items:


Order of the Red Banner #95307

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 45.13 mm in height, 37.01 mm in width and weighs 25.5 gram. The mint mark Monetni Dvor and the serial number are located at the bottom of its reverse.

This original order is in decent condition with most details still visible. The white enamel is fully present and flawless and the red enamel shows some flakes and chipping but not penetrating the silver. here have been no repairs and the awardee had a screw soldered to its reverse for more stable wear. This can professionally be removed on request but we prefer the orders to be in the state the awardee left them in.


Medal for Bravery #582527 

Made of silver and lacquer. Measures 37.23 in width, 42.50 mm in height and weighs 27.1 gram.

The medal is in worn condition with several dings and scratches and almost all of the red lacquer is lost. Its details however are all visible and its connection ring has not been cut.


Medal for the Victory over Germany 

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.21 in diameter and weighs 17.4 gram.

The medal is in excellent condition with most details present and much gold plating left.


Jubilee Medal for 20 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.09 in diameter and weighs 16.6 gram.

In near mint condition with full gold plating.


Jubilee Medal 50 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 36.99 in diameter and weighs 23.0 gram.

In excellent condition with light wear and most gold plating present.


Citation of the Order of the Red Banner #95307

In the battles from September 15, 1943 to October 16, 1943 for the cities of Dukhovshin, Rudnya and Lyozna, Comrade Grigoryan showed himself to be an exceptionally courageous fearless defender of the Motherland. Under strong enemy artillery-, mortar-, rifle- and machine gun – fire, under the guidance of comrade Grigoryan, 433 wounded soldiers and commanders with their weapons were withdrawn from the battlefield, not sparing their blood and life. Personally, comrade Grigoryan brought 53 seriously wounded soldiers and commanders with weapons from the battlefield.

For showing courage and bravery, comrade Grigoryan deserves a government award – the “Order of LENIN”.


Citation of the Medal for Bravery #582527

In the battle from July 11 to July 27, 1943, for the villages of Maloe Palchikovo, Altukhovo Bushnevo and the city of Bolkhov, Comrade Grigoryan showed himself to be an exceptionally courageous and fearless defender of his homeland. In a fierce battle, directly on the battlefield, he led the removal and evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield; personally, under fierce shelling of the enemy, he brought the liaison commander of the 1st infantry battalion, Red Army soldier Zakharov, out of a bomb shelter; in addition, comrade Grigoryan directly provided medical assistance to 150 people on the battlefield under the enemy’s brutal fire.
Despite the enemy’s hurricane fire, Comrade Grigoryan personally transported the wounded from the battlefield on dog carts and by 
swimming across the Oka River, he directly saved the lives of 5 wounded Red Army men and commanders.


More info on Lt. Grigorian can be found here



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