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Documented Group of the Order of Alexander Nevsky #9246, Red Banner #91354, Patriotic War 1st class #154896, Red Star #81311 and a Medal for Combat Merit



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Order Group of the Order of Alexander Nevsky, Red Banner, Patriotic War and Red Star 


Петр Михайлович Кукоев


Awarded to Guards Lieutenant and later Captain Petr Mikhailovich Kukoev (Петр Михайлович Кукоев)


For heroism and crucial successes on several battles (among which the Tatsinkaya Raid near Stalingrad) during the entirety of the war


Kukoev was severely wounded twice and personally eliminated at least 12 enemy soldiers



The group consists of the following items:


Order of Alexander Nevsky #9246

Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 49.37 mm in height, 49.01 mm in width and it weighs 39.5 gram without its screwplate. The mint mark Monetni Dvor is located underneath the screwpost and its serial number on the bottom right. On top of its reverse a ‘makers mark’ or silver sheet stamp ‘L’ can be found.

Despite the superficial enamel chip on the top ray of the red star, this order is in great condition. The details are absolutely stunning and crisp as are the enamels on the other rays. Take special notice to the higher laying parts like Nevsky’s eyes, beard and hauberk; these just could not have been more pristine. The original gold plating is all present and covered with a beautiful layer of patina. Its reverse is in similar or even better condition with virtually no dings or scratches. The screw of the order has not been shortened and there have been no repairs. The order comes with its time period and well fitted silver screwplate.


Order of the Red Banner #91354

Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 45.43 mm in height including its eyelet, 36.89 mm in width and it weighs 23.1 gram without its suspension. The mint mark Monetni Dvor and the serial number are located at the bottom of its reverse.

In worn but decent condition with enamel damage on the top banner and two of the centre star rays. Still, about 80% of the red enamels are present and without repairs and the white enamels are all present and problem free. The higher laying parts of the silver base shows medium wear and most details are still visible. Its connection ring has not been cut and the order comes with its time period double layer suspension.


Order of the Patriotic War 1st class #154896

Made of solid gold silver and enamels. Measures 45.32 mm in height, 42.96 mm in width and weighs 30.0 gram without its screwplate. The mint mark Monetni Dvor is located at the top and its serial number on the bottom of its reverse.

This order is in sublime condition with very light wear only. The details are crisp and both the white and red enamels pristine with just a few contact marks only. The gold base shows an appealing medium patina on both sides and its reverse has a beautiful frost like surface. Its well fitted silver screwpate is time period to the order and the screw maintained its original length.


Order of the Red Star #81311

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 47.43 mm in height, 48.86 mm in width and weighs 29.4 gram without its screwplate. The mint mark Monetni Dvor is located on top of it reverse and its serial number underneath the screwpost.

In nice condition with medium overall wear. Some of the details of the solder are worn off although most are still visible. There are relatively few dings and scratches on its obverse and its reverse is in beautiful condition with almost no traces of wear. The enamels are without repairs and problem free apart from a superficial chip on the tip of the 7 o’clock ray. The order comes with its time period and well fitted silver screwplate and its screw has not been shortened.


Medal for Combat Merit

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 37.33 mm in height including its eyelet, 32.15 mm in width and weighs 19.3 gram without its suspension.

In excellent condition with few traces of wear and a medium patina. The enamels filling the lettering ‘CCCP’ is fully present and without repairs. Its connection ring has not been cut and the order comes with its time period brass suspension.


A great and complete group with amazing research to a real hero!




Order of Alexander Nevsky

“In the offensive operations of the brigade, Guards Sr.Lt. KUKOEV was the deputy commander of the 1st rifle battalion. He was assigned to lead the spearhead company.

The crossing sight over the river Adra near the settlement Zaitsev was captured by a decisive assault. Guards Sr.Lt. KUKOEV assumed the command over the battalion after the commander was wounded and taken out of action. Being present in the spearhead detachment, KUKOEV encircled the enemy in the vicinity of the settlements Smolevichi, peat factory, Chernikovschina. Up to 2 enemy infantry companies were eliminated and over 70 troops were taken prisoners.

He deserves state award – order “ALEKSANDER NEVSKY”.”

Full translation here


Order of the Red Banner

“In the brigades offensive operations since 28.08.1943, the reconnaissance company under KUKOEV’s leadership was acting on the spearhead of the formation. Day and high, the company kept combat contact with the enemy and conducted the reconnaissance in force, thus scouting the advance routes for the brigade.

On the night of 28-29 August 1943, KUKOEV and his unit penetrated deep through the enemy defence line near the village Kamenets. During the whole nigh, the company was engaging the enemy in his rear area in uneven fight.

On the morning of 28.08.1943, the vanguard brigade units caught up and, together, they pushed the enemy all the way to Ugra river. On the of 29-30 August 1943, KUKOEV and his scouts rushed the enemy crossing sight over the Ugra river near the village Pilnya. In a short, decisive and well orchestrated assault he took control over the crossing.

The combat engagements from 28 August to 09 September resulted in destruction of up to 200 enemy troops. 8 enemy soldiers were taken prisoner. 5 heavy machine-guns and 11 light machine-guns were destroyed. KUKOEV’s conduct in combat is brave and bold. He acts calmly but decisively.

For exhibited courage and bravery in the struggle against the German invaders, he deserves state award – order “RED BANNER”.”

Full translation here


Order of the Patriotic War 1st class

“Comrade KUKOEV proved himself as a decisive, brave, and resourceful officer in combat operations for breaking through modern German defences and the consequent enemy pursuit in the brigade operations in Eastern Prussia during 13-23 January 1945.

Comrade KUKOEV’s battalion was always assigned the most tough combat missions, was the first to engage the enemy at the defensive positions near JODSZEN, RADENAU, ABSCHRUTEN, AULENBACH.

Thanks to KUKOLEV skilful command during combat, the battalion could every time capture the enemy strong points and win again a superior enemy force.

During the combat period, captain KUKOEV’s battalion inflicted the following losses on the enemy: eliminated up to 600 men, 30 machine-guns, 20 trucks with military load, 4 enemy tanks and 2 APCs destroyed.

Guards captain KUKOEV sustained a severe wound in the fight against the German invaders.

He is worthy of medal a state award – order “RED BANNER”.”

Full translation here


Order of the Red Star

“In all the combat operations of the brigade, the submachine-gunners company under the leadership of comrade KUKAEV was executing all its combat missions efficiently and in time. The company personnel acted decisively. Personally, comrade KUKAEV was persistent, acted bravely and courageously, and exhibited his burning desire to eliminate the enemy and free the Motherland of Fascism.

In the combat engagement on 27.12.1942, comrade KUKAEV’s company pushed the enemy submachine-gunners force out the south-western side of the Tapinskaya settlement and fortified on the perimeter around the factory. 35 enemy troops were killed in this action.

On 07.01.1943, on the hill 133.0 near the town Novo-Cherkassk, his unit provided cover to the retreating headquarter and the specialist troops. He held off the enemy counter-attack, killing 45 enemy soldiers.

On 16.01.1943, his company was assigned to be the mobile infantry force riding the tanks of the 4 Guards tank brigade. The company pushed out the enemy and captured the collective cattle farm near the settlement Krasnij Gornyak. Exploiting further their success, the company took control over the khutor Popov near the town Belaya Kalitva. The company eliminated 120 enemy troops in these engagements.

Personally comrade KUKAEV eliminated 12 enemy soldiers by the fire of his submachine-gun.

He deserves state award medal “For Combat Merits”.”

Full translation here



The complete translation of the register card can be read here


More information on Kukoev here


KUKOEV got the Mongolian medal “30 years of victory at Khalkin-Gol” in 1969  so this implies he participated in it too


Also included is additional research on the Tatsinkaya Raid for which Kukoev was awarded the Red Star

It is quite a famous operation aimed at destruction of the Axis airfield in Tatsinskaya village. The airfield was one of the main resupply airfields for the trapped 6th Army in Stalingrad.

Kukoev’s combat mission was fully achieved and the airfield was demolished with large number of the German aircrafts. Despite the successes, only 970 of the 10800 men managed to break out of Tatsinskaya after the Germans surrendered it. A not so often met award therefore.

Much is written about this operation. Some examples and more information here, here and here

In the pictures gallery several battle maps of the capture, defence and escape of Tatsinkaya can be found together with combat reports, a congratulation letter and even a picture of Kukoev amidst his fellow soldiers



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