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Documented group of Soviet Orders and Medals: 2x Red Banner #44223 + #318373, Red Star #241836 and medals



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Documented group with Soviet orders and medals


подполковник Миронов Василий Иванович


Awarded to Guards Major Vasilij Ivanovich Mironov (Василий Иванович Миронов)


For huge successes repelling German attacks in the Kalinin and Smolensk region



The group consists of the following items:


Order of the Red Banner #44223

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 40.22 mm in height, 35.92 mm in width and weighs 24.5 gram. The mint mark Monetni Dvor and the serial number are located at the bottom of its reverse.

This order is in a nice, above average with light to medium wear on the silver higher laying parts. Most details are perfectly visible and there are relatively few dings and scratches. The enamel is mostly present but shows some loss on two of the rays of the centre star and on the left side of of the top banner. The white enamels are pristine and there have been no repairs. The order has not been converted and shows a very appealing dark patina on its reverse. Its screw has not been shortened and it comes with its well fitted silver screwplate.


Order of the Red Banner #318373

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 46.11 mm in height, 37.73 mm in width and weighs 25.6 gram. The mint mark Monetni Dvor and the serial number are located at the bottom of its reverse.

In excellent overall condition with all details crisp and light wear only. The red enamel is problem free apart from a chip on the bottom ray of the centre star. Both sides show few contact marks only and a medium dark patina. Its connection ring has not been cut and the order comes with its time period steel suspension and ribbon


Order of the Red Star #241836

Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 47.55 mm in height, 49.85 mm in width and weighs 28.9 gram. The mint mark Monetni Dvor in two lines is located at the top of its reverse and the serial number at the bottom.

In excellent, above average condition with beautiful enamels. The top ray shows a superficial chip on its very tip but is otherwise problem free. Most details are visible although some facial features on the soldiers have and hand are worn off. Both sides show a beautiful patina and there have been no repairs. Its screw is full length and the silver screwplate is time period to the order.


Medal for the Defence of Moscow

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.19 in diameter and weighs 17.9 gram.

The medal is in excellent condition with most details and much gold plating present. Its connection ring has not been cut.


Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.22 in diameter and weighs 17.7 gram.

Perfect example with crisp details and full gold plating.


Medal for the Victory over Germany 

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.12 in diameter and weighs 17.4 gram.

In excellent condition with its details still visible and much gold plating still present.


Jubilee Medal for 30 Years of the Soviet Army and Navy 

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.15 in diameter and weighs 17.2 gram.

The medal is in excellent condition with most details present.


Order booklet

In problem free condition with all pages firmly attached. The booklet mentions the numbered awards above next to an Order of Alexander Nevsky, an Order of the Patriotic War and another Red Star. These are unfortunately missing in this group.


Citation of the Order of the Red Banner #44223

“In the engagement for the settlements Pulnikovo (Kalinin region) in September 1942, his squadron repelled 3 strong German infantry and armour attacks and inflicted extensive casualties to the enemy, which allowed the 2nd battalion of 1128 rifle regiment to hold their sector of defence.

In the battle near Pogoreloe-Gorodische on 04.08.1942, his squadrons well orchestrated and coordinated fire enabled the 1st battalion of 227 rifle regiment (251 rifle division) to break through the enemy defence line, capture Pogoreloe-Gorodische, and later to pursue the enemy all the way to the river Vazuza.

In all the combat operations since December 1941, the squadron under his command maintained constant combat readiness and inflicted the following losses to the enemy. Destroyed: 9 mortar and 3 artillery batteries, 4 anti-tank guns, 4 battalion of troops, 12 heavy and light machine-guns, 6 tanks, 23 vehicles loaded with materiel and troops, 6 observation posts. Demolished: 41 pillboxes and dugouts, 29 houses sheltering enemy troops, 4 ammunition and fuel depots. Scattered: 12 transport columns, 7 vehicle convoys, 3 tank columns. Suppressed: 50 mortar and 13 artillery batteries, 82 heavy machine-guns, 4 anti-tank guns.

For courage and bravery, 6 men of the squadron personnel was bestowed with awards. For exhibited courage, steadfastness, and discipline in the fight against the German invaders, he is recommended for a state award – order “RED BANNER”. ”


Citation of the Order of the Red Star #241836

In the combat engagement near the settlement Hotnezhets (Smolensk region) on 29.08.1943, comrade MIRONOV assumed the regiment command, because I sustained a wound and was taken out of the action.

Being constantly present in the combat formations of the supported 207 rifle regiment (76 rifle division), he exhibited exceptional courage and bravery, and excellently arranged for the combat coordination down to “company-battery” level. He greatly managed and directed his artillery unit’s fire. By properly concentrating his firepower, he suppressed the German defence strongholds and enabled the supported rifle unit to conduct a successful offensive and capture the settlements: Ustinovka, Sosna, Titovka, Ryabinki, Samodurovo, town Yelnya, Pleshkovka, Petrovo. Following his command, the regiment inflicted the following losses. Supressed: 5 mortar batteries, 3 SPGs, 2 mortars, 2 anti-tank guns, 5 machineguns. Destroyed: 2 SPG, 2 machine-guns, 4 tanks, 1 observation post. Demolished: 3 pillboxes, scattered and partially destroyed 3 vehicle convoys and up to 2 companies of the enemy troops.

In the sector of Bolshoe Tishovo – Maloe Tishovo – Novoe Tishovo, his regiment successfully repelled 3 enemy attacks supported by armour, eliminating
up to platoon of troops, 1 tank, and 1 SPGs.

For courage and bravery exhibited in the fight against the German invaders, for good combat coordination with 207 rifle regiment and enabling their attacks, he deserves state award – order “RED STAR”.


The full translation of the citations can be found below:

– citation ORB 44223

– citation RS 241836



Two combat diaries can be found In the picture gallery. Below a short translation of a part where Major Mironov is mentioned:


29 Aug 1943 20:00

Right flank: 346RR supported by 1st artillery squadron captured Hotnezhets and continues the advance towards Sosna.

207RR supported by 2nd artillery squadron took over the south-western side of Hotnezhets and continues the advance towards the khutor 1km north of Ustinovo.

The enemy delivers strong fire resistance by mortar, artillery, and machine-gun fire. The enemy keeps retreating in the western direction.

The regiment has regrouped in a new formation and kept delivering fire: 4th battery fired 24 rounds at the enemy troops concentration in Obukhovo at 17:00 scattering and partially eliminating 2 platoons. At 16:00, the 4th battery sent 26 rounds at the target in Flyasovo.

The 5th battery made 23 rounds at the enemy troops concentration in Obukhovo at 17:30.

In total, the squadron fired 73 rounds.

The 3rd battery fired 12 rounds at the enemy infantry in Uvarovo scattering and partially eliminating 1 platoon.

1st battery fired at the enemy troops concentration 500m west of Kamenets scattering 8 tanks and 2 SPGs. Later 25 rounds at the enemy infantry in Yelnya scattering and partially eliminating an enemy 100 troops column. Later, 25 rounds at an enemy mortar battery 300m north of ???, battery suppressed.

In total, the regiment fired 165 rounds.

Regiments losses: Wounded private of 4th battery Kudyusov; Killed private Ustyunov.

The regiment commander Gu.Lt.Col. ZHILIN Ivan Dmitrievich sustained a head fragmentation wound from an enemy mortar shell explosion at 16:30.

The regiment command was assumed by the chief drill officer Gu.Mj. MIRONOV.

Lt.Col. ZHILIN is evacuated to the rear.

The troops moral is high.



More info on Major Mironov can be found here




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