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Documented group of Soviet Awards: Order of the Red Star #240954 and medals for Stalingrad, Berlin, Warsaw and Germany



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Documented group of Soviet Awards


Яков Федорович Ткаченко

Sgt. Tkachenko on the left wearing this very same Red Star and Medal for Stalingrad


Awarded to Sr. Sergeant Yakov Fedorovich Tkachenko (Яков Федорович Ткаченко)


For showing examples of courage which assured timely delivering of ammunition and other supplies to the firing positions



The group consists of the following items:


Order of the Red Star #240954 early ‘heel’ variation

Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 45.91 mm in height, 47.85 mm in width and weighs 28.7 gram. The mint mark Monetni Dvor in two lines is located at the top of its reverse and the serial number at the bottom.

In excellent, well above average condition with beautiful enamels and without repairs. Its details are mostly visible and crisp and both sides show an appealing medium dark patina. Its screw is full length and the well fitted screwplate is time period to the order.


Medal for the Defence of Stalingrad

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.19 in diameter and weighs 16.8 gram.

The medal is in decent condition with most details visible and medium overall wear.


Medal for the Capture of Berlin

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.03 in diameter and weighs 17.2 gram.

The medal is in excellent condition with crisp details and much gold plating present.


Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.23 in diameter and weighs 17.5 gram.

Excellent example with crisp details and most gold plating present.


Medal for the Victory over Germany 

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.26 in diameter and weighs 17.4 gram.

In excellent condition with its details still visible and much gold plating still present.


40 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic Jubilee Medal

Made of gold plated brass. Measures 32.20 in diameter and weighs 16.5 gram.

Problem free condition.


Veteran of Labor Medal

Made of silver plated and blackened brass. Measures 34.22 in diameter and weighs 19.3 gram.

The medal is in excellent condition with most details present.



  • Documents for all awards. The order booklet shows two Orders of the Red Star but one is missing in this lot
  • Tkachenko’s Military Passport with an image
  • Free travel coupon booklet which was given to those who were been decorated
  • Military ID
  • Two images portraying Sgt. Tkachenko (in both on the left side).


Citation of the Order of the Red Star #240954

“Sr. Sergeant TKACHENKO has been serving as the ammunition supplies platoon commander from the first day of the supplies company formation. He is devoted to the cause of Lenin-Stalin party. He is disciplined, demanding towards himself and the subordinates, and commands great respect among the personnel.

From the very first day of the company combat engagement, Sr. Sergeant TKACHENKO has been showing examples of courage, which assured, that his unit always achieves its supply missions ahead of the target time and in any combat setting, delivering ammunition and other supplies to the firing positions.

Comrade TKACHENKO’s platoon has never had any road incidents or vehicle failures, despite harsh terrain, mud, night operations, enemy aerial and artillery bombardments.

In his spare time, Sr. Sergeant TKACHENKO assists the mechanics, which greatly reduces vehicle idle time.

Practically all the men in TKACHENKO’s platoon have been recommended for an award, and 50% of them have been decorated.

Sr. Sergeant TKACHENKO deserves state award order “RED STAR”. ”



The full translation of the citations can be found here and more info on Sgt. Tkachenko here




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