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Documented Group of Soviet Awards. Order of the Red Banner #13115 (mirror reverse) and Medal for Combat Merit #62927



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Documented Group of Soviet Awards


Николай Михайлович Михайлов


Awarded to Nikolaj Mikhailovich Mikhailov (Николай Михайлович Михайлов)


For fighting against the White Finns in 1939 where he was wounded near lake Suvantoyarvi. After being hospitalized he became director of a war production plant 



This group of Soviet awards consists of the following items:


Order of the Red Banner #13115

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 39.79 mm in height, 35.67 mm in width and weighs 24.8 gram without its screwplate. Its serial number is stamped (twice) on the bottom of its reverse.

This original order is in worn condition with enamel loss on the centre star and left- and lower side of the top banner. The white enamels are fully present and show some superficial chipping on the center part surrounding the hammer and sickle only. The red enamel of the lower banner is all present with minor chipping. Its reverse shows some modifications which appear to be the result of attaching some sort of suspension device. This was done occasionally with early screwback orders to comply with the new 1943 rules on wearing Soviet awards. However, it is interesting to see on the picture in his military passport that the suspension of the Red Banner is not attached to the order and is thus worn separately. The screw of the order was therefor never removed from its back and is still present in its original state. The screwplate is also correct for this early mirror reverse type and fits perfectly well.


Medal for Combat Merit #62927

Made of solid silver and lacquer. The medal itself measures 32.19 mm in diameter and 36.61 mm in height including the eyelet. It weighs 22.6 gram without its suspension and 30.0 gram with the suspension but without the nut. Its eyelet is 4.94 mm in width and the suspension measures 25.65 mm in width at its narrowest point and 31.86 at its widest point. This is a relatively scrace variation with a brass suspension and brass connection ring. The serial numbers observed are found between the 60,000 and 106,000.

The medal is in great, well above average condition with several small dings and scratches but none distracting from the overall appeal of the medal. Most details are perfectly visible and the red lacquer is mostly present (apx 80%). The brass suspension is original as is the screw, the nut, the plate holding the ribbon and the screw plate tightening it all up. The ribbon is a later replacement and its connection ring has not been cut.


Medal Booklet 

In used but decent condition with all pages present and still attached to the cover. The booklet mentions the medal for combat merit ‘62927’ and is numbered 038672. It contains an original picture of Mikhailov on its first page.


Military Passport 

In a good vintage condition with all pages present and firmly attached to its cover. It mentions the Order of the Red Banner #13115, the Medal for Combat Merit #62927 and the Medal for Valiant Labor on page 12. It comes with an original picture of Mikhailov and a maroon colored protection cover.



The Order of the Red Banner ‘Mirror Reverse’ was awarded by the decree of 07.04.1940 for the fight against the White Finns. MIKHAILOV was a private in the 461st Rifle Regiment, 142nd Rifle Division.

He was wounded by a bullet into the elbow during the Finnish war near the lake Suvantoyarvi, Karelian isthmus, on 15.12.1939. As a result he spent time in the hospital (mentioned in his book). He must have been cleared off of the military duty due to injuries. So, his Medal for Combat Merit is for military production.

The citation of the Medal for Combat Merit reads as follows:

“Comrade MIKHAILOV N.M. is the director of the Borovichy woodworks plant. Utilising the available production facilities, he organised manufacturing of the military sapper equipment (the wooded enclosures for the anti-personnel mines and the wooden floating bridging vessels “DMP”) for the troops of the North-Western front.

Comrade MIKHAILOV exhibited endless energy and persistence, high adaptation to the circumstances and ability to mobilise all the resources for the task of providing for the combat troops on the front.

For his fruitful work, he deserves state award – medal “FOR COMBAT MERITS”.” 


The full translation of the citation can be read here


More info on Mikhailov can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are scans of battle maps showing the 142nd Rifle Division and lake Suvantoyarvi where Mikhailov was wounded. Just for illustration we added some examples of the wooden mines and wooden floating bridging vessels his factory was producing.


Further research and translation is possible for a modest extra fee  



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