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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #38977



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Researched Soviet Order of the Red Banner #38977


Awarded to Lieutenant (later Major) Ivan Antonovich Bolenkov (Иван Антонович Боленков)



This original order of the Red Banner is in a very nice, above average condition. Most details are still visible as is much of the gold plating. The enamel shows loss on the center star but most of it on the top and bottom is still present. The reverse in flawless with no dings or scratches and shows a lovely shine. There have been no repairs and the screwpost has not been shortened. It comes with its time period silver screwplate.

A scarce early screwback Red Banner in above average condition!

Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“He has seen frontline service in the struggle with German fascism since the start of the Patriotic War. He has been serving in the 16th Motorized Rifle and Machine-Gun Battalion since January 1942. During the fighting with the German occupiers he has shown himself a fearless and strong-willed commander who always fought at the head of his company.

Serving with the 195th Tank Brigade during 4 fierce daytime battles on the left bank of the Volkhov River, comrade Bolenkov showed bravery, courage, and heroism. Personally exercising battle command under ceaseless massed artillery, mortar, and machine-gun fire by superior enemy forces, he launched three attacks, inflicting heavy casualties upon the enemy, throwing the enemy back, and gunning down the fascist troops at point-blank range.

7 enemy counterattacks were fought off by comrade Bolenkov, a brave and fearless commander who, with contempt for death for the sake of success, personally killed 15 fascist soldiers and officers. When he was wounded, comrade Bolenkov, despite the pain, continued commanding his unit until he relinquished command to his deputy, having withdrawn not a single inch from his occupied positions.

For his valor and bravery he deserves to be nominated for the Order of the Red Banner.”



The full translation of the research can be found here:



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