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Soviet Order of the Red Star #784016



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Soviet Order of the Red Star #784016


Awarded to Lieutenant Pyotr Stepanovich Sizonenko (Петр Степанович Сизоненко) 


For displaying great persistence and energy in supporting the ship’s repair with all necessary materials while being in ENGLAND



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 49.74 mm in width, 47.35 mm in height and weighs 29.9 gram. The mint mark is located above, and the serial number underneath the screw post.


This order is in nice condition with most details visible. The higher laying parts on its obverse show light wear only. The enamel is mostly present and only shows some minute contact marks and a larger superficial chip on the 7 o’clock ray. Its screw has not been shortened and the screwplate is time period to the order.



Concrete description of personal feat of arms or merits:

“During the stay in England, he displayed great persistence and energy in supporting the ship’s repair with all necessary materials. Repair work continued at night; the men were always served hot breakfasts and coffee. Thanks to his initiative, the ship is stocked with all necessary materials for further combat action. During the voyage, he excellently organized the provision of hot food to soldiers at their combat posts. The men are warmly and comfortably clothed. Comrade Sizonenko has carried out the government’s mission excellently.”


The full translation can be read here


More info on Lt. Sizonenko can be found here


Some information on the 4th destroyer battalion of the USSR Navy Ships Detachment in England here



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