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Soviet Order of the Red Star #144165



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Soviet Order of the Red Star #144165


Лебедев Евгений Иванович


Awarded to Guards Sr. Sergeant Evgeny Ivanovich Lebedev (Евгений Иванович Лебедев)


For shooting down a German twin-engine fighter of the Messerschmitt 110 type from a captured 20mm anti-aircraft gun and a Henschel 126 aircraft


Made of silver and enamels. The order measures 47.77 mm in width, 46.27 mm in height and weighs 28.6 grams without its screwplate. The serial number is located at the 6 o’clock position and the mint mark on the 12 o’clock position of its reverse. This early variation has a round base ‘heel’ of the screw.


In excellent, well above average condition with light overall wear and an appealing patina to the silver on both sides. Most details are perfectly visible and the enamels are fully present without chipping or repairs. The reverse is in great condition too and its screwpost has not been shortened. It comes with its time period and well fitted silver screwplate.


An early award in excellent condition with for shooting down planes 


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

On 01/25/1942 at 15:20 in the Khokhlovka area, Kursk region, the commander of the gun, comrade Lebedev, personally acting as gunner, shot down a German twin-engine fighter of the “Messerschmitt 110” type from a captured 20mm anti-aircraft gun. The downed plane, engulfed in flames, crashed in the Kryukovo-Uderevo area.

On 07/16/1942, at 13:56, the gun crew of the guard senior sergeant Lebedev fired at a German Henschel 126 aircraft that made reconnaissance flights over the disposition of battle formations and rear services of divisional units at a distance of 2200 meters. The plane was shot down by bold, decisive and well-coordinated actions of the crew. A direct hit of a projectile knocked off the tail unit, and the plane, losing control, crashed into the ground 800 meters behind the front line of the division.

For the skillful leadership of the gun crew in the fight against enemy aircraft, as a result of which 2 enemy aircraft were destroyed, the commander of the gun Guards Senior Sergeant Lebedev, deserves a governmental award with the order of the Red Star.


More information on Sgt. Lebedevcan be found here


Also in the picture gallery is a colorized image of Sgt. Lebedev wearing this Red Star among other awards



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