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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #80335 ‘Swallow Tail’



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Order of the Red Banner #80335


Иван Петрович Нифантьев


Awarded to Master Sergeant Ivan Petrovich Nifantyev (Иван Петрович Нифантьев)


For exhibiting personal bravery and heroism on the night of November 1 to 2 1943 when gaining a foothold on the Crimean Peninsula


Recommended for the title Hero of the Soviet Union (all the way up to Lt. General Yakov Kreizer)



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 36.76 mm in width, 45.08 mm in height and weighs 23.4 grams without suspension. Its serial number and mint mark can be found at the bottom of its reverse

As a result of the June 1943 regulations, orders of the Red Banner were produced on a five-sided suspension and no longer as screwbacks. Some of the already produced screwback orders were therefor converted by the Moscow Mint to a suspension type. These are sometimes called a ‘Swallow Tail’ or ‘Coat Hanger’ variation due to the added eyelet and its shape. The minimum know serial number for these is 77483 and the maximum number is 84243. The total number of coat hangers however is lower due to serial number overlapping with regular Red Banners.

The order is in repaired condition. Scammers converted it to a screwback hoping to get a better price for it. Probably not realizing the scarcity of ‘Swallow Tail’ variations. Later on, we removed the screw and attached a new eyelet to it on top to restore it in its original condition as best as we could. Apart from the reconversion, the order is in about average condition with most original enamels present and medium wear to the higher layng parts like the center wreath and the top of the flag pole and torch. Its suspension is time period for this order.


Despite it flaws the order remains a rare mint conversion with excellent research for an appealing price 


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms:

During the fighting with the German occupiers he exhibited personal bravery and heroism. On the night of November 1 to 2, 1943 he carried out orders to gain a foothold on the Crimean Peninsula. He was the first to ford Lake Sivash, carrying his radio transceiver on his person, after which he immediately got it up and running and established communications with the parent staff and the regiment’s units, thus helping regimental command accomplish its important combat mission.

He deserves to be granted the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Commanding officer of the 589th Rifle Regiment
Guards Colonel [signed] /Shein/November 7, 1943


The complete translation can be read here


More information on Sgt. Nifantyev can be found here



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