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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #62997



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Researched Soviet Order of the Red Banner #62997


Губа Иван Семенович


Awarded to Guards Jr. Lieutenant Ivan Semyonovich Guba (Иван Семенович Губа)


For gathering intelligence during reconnaissance missions and destroying many targets with his group such as enemy planes, ammunition depots and a bridge 



This order of the Red Banner made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 40.50 mm in height, 35.97 mm in width and weighs 24.8 gram without its screwplate. The serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


The order is in nice, about average condition with medium overall wear. Even the higher laying parts such as the center wreath and the torch still show their details. The enamels are in better condition than most early Red Banners but show some loss on the centre red star, some chipping on the top banner and a chip on the lower banner. Still, 70% is still present without repairs and the white enamels are flawless. The order has not been converted and the screwpost is full length. It comes with its time period silver screwplate and the order shows a medium strong patina on both sides.



Short Description of his feat of arms:

He has been participating directly in the combat missions of the Patriotic war since March 1943. In this period, he made 25 combat sorties with the missions of aerial bombardment, reconnaissance of the enemy troops and the enemy rear area, aerial photography. He is very eager to go to the missions and successful in their execution, exhibiting determination and persistence, courage and bravery.

On 09 June 1943, our aviation group delivered a strike at the enemy Siverskaya airfield. He finished the mission and released his bomb load despite intensive enemy anti-aircraft fire. The mission resulted in 15 enemy aircrafts being destroyed, one ammunition and one fuel depots exploded. The results are confirmed by the headquarters of the 13 Airforce and the escorting fighter pilots.

On 18 July 1943, he made 3 reconnaissance missions to the areas of Krasnogvardeisk, Sieverskaya, Vladimirskaya, Novo-Lisino, Tosno, Voitolovo. Despite the severe enemy anti-aircraft fire opposition from the ground, he remained calm and persistent. He fulfilled the missions and photographed the objectives, bringing back valuable intelligence, which allowed the Command to increase the combat efficiency of the strikes.

On 19 July 1943, he flew a mission with the purpose of photographing the rail stations Novo-Lisino and Vladimirskaya with the subsequent bomb strike at these targets. He accomplished his mission: the targets were photographed and the released bombs destroyed the rail line and the station buildings, which was documented on the photographs.

On 22 July 1943, he delivered a dive bomb attack at an enemy command centre near Voitolovo. Direct hits were registered. On 25 July 1943, in a group of 5 aircrafts, he bombarded the enemy forward line near Lobanovo. As the result of this mission, a bridge across Mga river was destroyed, direct hits to the buildings and the enemy artillery positions were registered. Powerful explosions followed and 2 fires were started. The results were confirmed by the escorting fighter pilots and the photographs.

On 27 July 1943, he flew as a leading pilot in a group of 2 aircrafts with a ground strike mission against the station Tosno. A direct hit to a train was registered, which resulted in 3 fires. Confirmed by the escorting fighter pilots. In the following attack against the Tosno station, this time as part of the squadron, an enemy field depot was destroyed, which was confirmed by the photographs.

On 29 and 30 July 1943, a group of 6 aircrafts delivered dive bomb strike against the enemy artillery positions near Sinyavino. The mission was accomplished. A direct hit was registered. Confirmed by the escorting fighter pilots.

For courage, persistence and bravery exhibited in the combat missions against the German invaders, he deserves state award – order “RED BANNER”.


The full translation of the citation can be found here


More information on Lt. Guba can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery is the combat diary of the 34th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment of July 1943and two digital images of Lt. Guba



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