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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #46272



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Researched Soviet Order of the Red Banner #46272


Александр Леонтьевич Згура


Awarded to Major Alexander Leontievich Zgura (Александр Леонтьевич Згура)


For being the first to enter the village of Milyatino and eliminating 80 Hitlerites in the process, fending off multiple enemy counter attacks and not leaving his post when being severely wounded



This order of the Red Banner made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 39.77 mm in height, 36.23 mm in width and weighs 25.3 gram without its screwplate. The serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


The order is in nice, above average condition with medium overall wear. Even the higher laying parts such as the center wreath and the torch still show their details. The enamels are in better condition than most early Red Banners. Apart from some flaking it only shows some loss on two rays of the center red star (one repair and one lost) and a small chip on the top banner. The white enamel is flawless. The order has not been converted and the screwpost is full length. It comes with its time period silver screwplate and the order shows a medium strong patina on both sides.


Short Description of his feat of arms:

“ZGURA Aleksander Leontievich has been the Patriotic war participant the whole time since 06 March 1942. In all the combat engagements, he proved himself as a brave, decisive, and fearless commander. He is combat style has always been to boldly engage the enemy and defeat him.

Such as, in the offensive operations during 11-23 March 1943, comrade ZGURA commanded an artillery detachment of the 541 mortar regiment. His batteries were advancing among the rifle formations. In the battle for the village Milyatino, his batteries were the first to enter the settlement, eliminating in the process up to 80 Hitlerites. In the engagement near Kamenka, he personally commanded one of the batteries and fended off multiple enemy counter attack, leaving 120 Germans dead along the forward line. While manning the observation post on 29.03.1943, he was severely wounded, but remained on the post, until after the regiment commander relieved him of his duties.”


The full translation of the citation can be found here


More information on Major Zgura can be found here


In the picture gallery a paper with his signature can be found together with a scan of a picture where he wears his awards. It looks like he wore this Red Banner on a suspension but there are absolutely not signs of conversion. As seen by us before, he might just have screwed his Red Banner on his uniform under and empty slot of the medal bar or made a device to hang the Red Banner from its screwpost.



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