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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #33298



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Researched Soviet Order of the Red Banner #33298


Лавинский Николай Федорович


Awarded to Captain Nikolaj Fedorovich Lavinsky (Николай Федорович Лавинский)


For eliminating up to a company of the enemy infantry and destroying a tank and a gun towed by a tractor near Moscow in January 1942. Later at Leningrad his squadron hit 2 tanks and eliminated a group of enemy submachine gunners 



Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 39.93 mm in height, 36.15 mm in width and weighs 24.1 gram. The serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


The order is in an overall nice condition with much gold plating still present. The higher laying parts such as the centre wreath and the torch show light wear only and still show their details perfectly well. The red enamel is mostly present without repairs and in better condition than most screwback Red Banners; two rays of the centre star are lost and the order shows a chip on the bottom part of the top banner. The white enamels are pristine. Its screw has been shortened by the awardee when he converted this order into a suspension type according to the new 1943 regulations on wearing Soviet awards. Later on this order was converted back into a suspension type and a part of a screw was soldered on top of the still existing base. The order comes with its time period and well fitting silver screwplate.


Scarce piece with great eye appeal despite its conversion



Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits

On 09.01.1942, under intensive enemy machine-gun and mortar fire, comrade LAVINSKY was correcting the battery fire while manning the observation post near the settlement Timonino (Moscow region). As the result, a well placed salvo scattered and partially eliminated up to a company of the enemy infantry, one tank and one gun towed by a tractor was destroyed.

On 26.03.1942, under intensive enemy air raid, he went to the firing position together with the battery. As the result of a salvo delivered at the forest edge “Bolshie Gorby” (Staraya Rusa district, Leningrad region), 2 tanks were hit and a group of enemy submachine gunners was scattered and partially eliminated.

During 27-31 March 1942, while being present at the command post of Mj.General ZAKHVATAEV, he efficiently organised battery barrage at the counter attacking enemy force. As the result of several precise strikes, the enemy lost up to 100 Fascist troops s and the enemy attack was frustrated. For this effort, the command of the 1 Shock army issued its gratitude to the squadron.

In the period since 01 April 1942, comrade LAVINSKY N.F. dedicated all his efforts and skills to the aim of fulfilling exactly all the strike missions assigned to the squadron from the command of 180 rifle division. This was done despite the spring muddy roads and bad condition of the vehicles.

Captain LAVINSKY is a brave and determined commander, who indeed exhibited heroism on his fighting post. He deserves state award – order “RED BANNER”.


The full translation of the research can be read below:

– register card

– citation


More info on Captain Lavinsky can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are 4 scans of images of Lavinsky (two of which he wears this Red Banner), two maps of Timonino (mentioned in the citation) and a combat diary of 10 January 1942



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