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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #33041



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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #33041


Дмитрий Павлович Кузнецов


Awarded to pilot and squadron commander Captain Dmitry Pavlovich Kuznetsov (Дмитрий Павлович Кузнецов)


In the Willow class battle, the offensive aimed at breaking the blockade of Leningrad


For personally destroying 8 vehicles, 1 anti-aircraft gun, 2 artillery positions, blowing up an ammunition depots, 22 direct hits on the targets and scattering 22,500 leaflets



Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 40.11 mm in height, 36.12 mm in width and weighs 24.6 gram without its screwplate. The mint mark and serial number are located on the bottom of its reverse.


In a decent but worn condition with most details visible and crisp. The enamel shows loss on all rays of the centre star and on the left side and bottom of the top banner. The reverse is better condition with few dings or scratches and a lovely dark patina. There have been no repairs and the screwpost has not been shortened. It comes with its time period silver screwplate.


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“Captain Dmitry Pavlovich Kuznetsov has been working as a squadron commander since 11/09/1941. Possessing good organizational skills, he was able to quickly and firmly put together his flight technical staff and aim them at a selfless struggle to defeat the enemy. Presenting high exactness to his subordinates, he achieved a good performance by them of combat missions.

Since January 14, 1942, the squadron he commands made 1503 sorties at night, 115,870 kilograms of bombs were thrown at the enemy, and 29,160 rounds were expended. Leaflets scattered behind enemy lines = 524400. The crews of the squadron of Captain Kuznetsov destroyed = 53 vehicles, blewn up ammunition depots = 6, fuel depots = 2, suppressed points of anti-aircraft machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery points = 3, artillery positions = 13, direct hits of bombs on trenches and dugouts = 11, railroad tracks = 4, in terms of enemy manpower = 7, fires caused in settlements occupied by Hitler’s troops = 5. The crews of his squadron during this period completed = 36 special, especially difficult tasks.

Personally, captain KUZNETSOV, being an experienced pilot and flying without a navigator, completed 6 special tasks, he is a master of this kind of task. The total raid time at night at the front is 59 hours 27 minutes, 42 sorties. In these flights, they destroyed by direct hits from bombs and shells – vehicles = 8, suppressed points of anti-aircraft machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery points = 1, artillery positions = 2, blown up ammunition depots = 1, direct hits on the target = 22, 22,500 leaflets were scattered.

In maneuvering over the target, he demonstrates high flying skills, courage and bravery, despite the strong fire of anti-aircraft artillery, repeatedly and numerous holes in the plane. On 04/12/1942, the pilot MALASHOK was killed from fragments of anti-aircraft artillery while performing a combat mission. The plane with the body of the commander was brought back to his airfield by the shooter-bombardier GRIBACHEV. The death of a comrade caused elements of confusion and even despondency among some pilots and navigators. But Captain Kuznetsov called on the pilots to take merciless revenge on the enemy for the death of a combat friend; he was the first to take off on a combat mission and, by his personal example of heroism and courage, enthralled his subordinates to an excellent performance of combat missions. The squadron made 12 sorties that night, destroying an anti-aircraft machine-gun point; the rest of the bombs fell exactly on the dugouts, trenches, and manpower of the enemy. It was a fierce revenge for the death of a deceased comrade. Comrade Kuznetsov is an active communist, working as a member of the regiment’s party bureau, doing a lot of educational work with young communists. Gives lectures for the head of the composition in the order of military-technical propaganda. He is well developed politically and morally sustained. He enjoys great authority and discipline. Devoted to the cause of the LENIN-STALIN party and the Socialist Motherland.”


More information on Captain Kuznetsov can be read here 


A scan of a picture of Captain Kuznetsov wearing his Order of the Red Banner can be found in the picture gallery


We managed to find scans of the order booklet on the internet. This booklet is not physically present in this lot unfortunately



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