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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #28268



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Researched Soviet Order of the Red Banner #28268


Awarded to Lieutenant Petr Fedorovich Pinzul (Петр Федорович Пинзул)


For destroying several bridges, tanks, railways and allowing a safe retreat at the Battle of Moscow


This order of the Red Banner made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 40.63 mm in height, 36.04 mm in width and weighs 24.6 gram. The serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.

The order is in excellent, well above average condition. The higher laying parts such as the center wreath and the torch show medium wear and have most details visible. The red enamel is all present and in far better condition than most screwback Red Banners and only shows some superficial flaking. The white enamels are pristine. The order has no repairs and the screw is full length. It comes with its time period and well fitting silver screwplate.


This early Red Banner has it all! Great research and excellent condition!



Short Description of his feat of arms:

“Lieutenant PINZUL Petr Fedorovich is a brave and decisive commander. When the enemy tried to break through the defence line of the 50th army near the village Zhukovka, Orel region, comrade PINZUL lead a group a group of sappers and mined a bridge over the river Belogolovaya, while under enemy fire. When an enemy armour group approached the bridge, the bridge was blown up with the first tank, that rolled over it.

During the retreat of the 50 army, comrade PINZUL and his platoon provided cover on one of the roads. In this sector, he destroyed the bridges, rail tracks, rail way structures and other objects. This was done on the rail stretch Zhukovka (cement factory) – Buyanovichi (Gutovo forestry) of the Orel region. During the offensive operation of the 12 Guards rifle division at the village Popkovo, comrade PINZUL accompanied the reconnaissance-demolition platoon. Under the enemy fire, he conducted engineering reconnaissance of the approach routs to the village Popkovo and cleared the best path for our tank column to advance into the village. Our troops entered the settlement, but were heavily fired upon from the school and the church buildings. Lt. PINZUL’s sapper unit went and all lines are to be filled in approached the church several times and demolished one by one several enemy embrasures. As the result, the school and the church building were blocked and the enemy cleared.

On 27 December 1941. PINZUL’s group of sappers demolished a railway track on the stretch village Annenki – station Voronino, Kaluga district, Tula region.”


The full translation can be found below:



Service Record


More info on Lt. Pinzul can be found here



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