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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #26534



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Order of the Red Banner #26534


Awarded to NKVD Border Guard and Partisan Philip Vasilievich Ermilov (Филипп Васильевич Ермилов)


For ambushing and defeating a German unit of about 150, killing 85 soldiers in August 1941 in Belarus as part of a partisan detachment. ERMILOV killed 13 soldiers himself. On 5 November 1941, Ermilov led a platoon attack on Dedno and infiltrated the SS “Totenkopf” division’s rear, burning 12 houses, killing 120 German soldiers, and seizing documents. ERMILOV personally killed 20 soldiers


This Order of the Red Banner was Ermilov’s only numbered award and can thus be considered to be a complete grouping


Rare piece with amazing research!



Made of silver and enamels. It measures 39.86 mm in height, 36.01 mm in width and weighs 26.3 grams without its screwplate. The serial number and mint mark are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


In excellent condition considering it is an early screwback variation. The details are mostly visible and the raised parts like the center wreath show medium wear. Both the red and white enamels are well preserved and without repairs with some small superficial chipping only; much less than average for these. Most of the gold plating is still present and its screwpost has not been shortened. The order comes with its time period and well fitted silver screwplate and the order has never been (re)converted.


This order has it all. Great research to a partisan and in excellent condition. Very hard to find! 


The information below was taken from the book by PETROV Y.P. “Partisan Movement In The Leningrad Region. 1941 – 1944”, 1973 which can be downloaded online for a small additional fee

V.B. SAVCHENKO’s partisan detachment, comprising 240 soldiers from the 6th Leningrad Partisan Regiment, became a significant force against the invaders. This unit, known for its mobility and combat experience, on the night of 5-6 November 1941, infiltrated the SS “Totenkopf” division’s rear together with Polava partisans. They aimed to strike the enemy at the Village Dedno, where about 600 enemy officers and soldiers were stationed. After mining access roads, they launched a night attack, simultaneously hitting the Fascist garrison and neighboring villages Solovyov and Vyazovka. They inflicted heavy losses, killing over 250 soldiers, destroying supplies and vehicles, and liberating 420 Red Army captives.

In the context of these operations, on 14 August 1941, Lieutenant KONOVALOV’s squad, part of SAVCHENKO’s detachment, ambushed German forces near the villages of Felon’ and Porechie, killing 85 of about 150 enemy troops. ERMILOV personally accounted for 13 of these. Furthermore, on 5 November, ERMILOV commanded a raid on Dedno, burning 12 houses and eliminating 120 German soldiers, with him personally killing 20 and capturing important documents.

SAVCHENKO’s actions against the Totenkopf were part of a broader resistance, which General G. G. BECKER acknowledged as a formidable and energetic opposition. The SS division’s struggles led to the formation of additional combat groups specifically to counter the partisan efforts.


The citation read as follows:

On 14 August 1941, he was in the Lieutenant KONOVALOV’s squad acting as part of the partisan detachment of Captain SAVCHENKO. In a battle near the village Felon’ and Porechie (red. correct Filanova and Parevichi), from an ambush position, they attacked and scattered a group of German troops (up to 150 men) by automatic firearm fire and hand grenades, killing 85 enemy troops. ERMILOV personally eliminated 13 Fascist soldiers in this combat engagement.

On 05 November 1941, he commanded a platoon in a raid on the village Dedno. His platoon burned 12 houses and eliminated 120 German soldiers. In this combat engagement, comrade ERMILOV personally eliminated 20 German soldiers and captured headquarters documents.

Serving in the rangers regiment, he many times participated in combat operations behind the enemy line.


The full translation of the research can be read here:

– register card

– citation


More information on Sgt. Ermilov can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are:

  • an info sheet
  • German maps of Dedno, Parewitschi and Filanova
  • handwritten history of SAVCHENKO partisan group
  • information and a section from a book on SAVCHENKO’s partisan group
  • a picture of an exhibition in a school museum dedicated to SAVCHENKO’s partisan unit under which ERMILOV served



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