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Soviet Order of the Red Banner #13447 ‘Mirror Reverse’



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Order of the Red Banner #13447 ‘Mirror Reverse’ 


Легкодух Анатолий Акимович


Awarded to T-26 tank Lieutenant Anatoly Akimovich Legkodukh (Анатолий Акимович Легкодух)


For fighting during the Winter War in Finland 1939-1940



An early ‘Mirror Reverse’ variation with a strong counter relief. Made of silver and enamels. It measures 39.66 mm in height, 36.06 mm in width and weighs 22.0 grams without its screwplate. The serial number and mint mark are located at the 6 o’clock position of its reverse.


In a nice, well above average condition. Its details are mostly visible but the higher laying parts like the centre wreath and the torch show medium wear. The white enamel is fully present without repairs and the red enamel show a chip on the bottom of the top banner only; far less damage than average for these early screwback Red Banners. The reverse is in excellent condition with few traces of wear and full length screw. There have been no repairs and the order comes with its well fitted and original screwplate.


Unfortunately the Order booklet is NOT present in this lot. We did however manage to get some scans of it.


An early mirror reverse Red Banner awarded to a tank commander in Finland. Rare as such!


Some information on Legkodukh:

He was bestowed the Red Banner by the decree of 20 May 1940.
He is number 254 on the Order of the Red Banner list: Junior commander Legkodukh, Anatoly Akimovich.
During the winter war, he served in the 25th Provisional Tank Regiment (commander Mj. RODIN 1897-1976), which was armed with 62 T-26 tanks and was subordinate to the 24th Motorised-Cavalry Division.
His tank regiment participated int he winter war from 22.02.1940 till 20.03.11940 near town Petrozavodsk.
Later during the Great Patriotic War Legkodukh changed his tank for a T-34 tank and was bestowed several other awards among which a second Red Banner and an Order of ALexander Nevsky


More information on Lt. Legkodukh can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery is an image of Legkodukh which was found online




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