Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #746277



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Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #746277


Awarded to SMERSH Captain Ilya Petrovich Lizovenko (Илья Петрович Лизавенко)


Senior Operative of the ROC SMERSH of the 1st Guards Anti-Tank Artillery Brigade of the 3rd Guards Destroyer Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment


For exposing and expelling a number unreliable elements from the ranks in East Prussia, suppressing cowardliness and panic among the troops and preventing enemy spies and saboteurs being able to infiltrate the positions of the regiment



Made of solid silver, gold and enamels. The order weighs 28.2 grams without its screwplate and measures 44.22 mm in width and 45.91 mm in height.


In an excellent, above average condition with its details crisp. Its red and white enamels are beautiful without repairs or chipping. Both sides show an appealing toning to the silver and the order comes with its time period and well fitted screwplate. Its screw has not been shortened.


A nice piece with much desired research to a SMERSH officer. Scarce as such



Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

Comrade LIZOVENKO conducted extensive work during the offensive preparation period on the territory of East Prussia. He exposed and expelled from the regiment ranks a number unreliable elements.

He conducted many talks among the regiment troops illuminating insidious tricks employed by the enemy spies and saboteurs, on necessity of increased vigilance during combat period on the enemy territory, on the high moral standards of a Red Army soldier, and other topics.

During the offensive, comrade LIZOVENKO was present on the regiment commander’s observation post and artillery firing positions. Daily, his personal conduct and his word educated and helped the troops to maintain high spirit of revolutionary vigilance, courage and bravery. He promptly suppressed any potential possibilities for cowardliness and panic mongering among the troops.

Comrade LIZOVENKO recognised and isolated suspicious persons among the local population, and thus prevented any possibility of enemy spies and saboteurs being able to infiltrate the positions of our regiment.

As the result of his effort, there hasn’t been a single case in the regiment, that enemy could gather any information or disclosure of any secrets. Thus, comrade LIZOVENKO assisted the achievement of the combat objectives.


The translation of the register card can be found here


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