Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #611812



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Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #611812


Awarded to Guards Lieutenant Valentin Ivanovich Vazhenkov (Алексей Ильич Сокуров)


For being wounded while crossing the Dnieper river and as a result of the wound being treated in hospital from April 17th to August 5th 1945


Scarce small ‘Fish Eye’ variation


Made of solid silver, gold and enamels. The order weighs 22.3 gram without its screwplate and measures 42.75 mm in width and 44.87 mm in height.

In a worn condition but decent condition with its details perfectly visible. The red enamel on the 9 o’clock ray of the star is lost (by the looks of the patina a long time ago) but is otherwise fine without repairs. The white enamels are fully present with some dings and scratches only. The order comes with its original, time period and well fitted screwplate and its screw has not been shortened. The rivets on its reverse appear to have been reinforced with some solder.

‘Fish Eye’ variations were produced by the Leningrad Mint and are significant smaller than the other wartime orders of the Patriotic War. This relatively small variation is highly sought by collectors for its very distinctive look and relative rarity. The lowest known number in this range of this variation is #580061 and the highest known number is #617896.


The full translation of the register card can be read here


More information on Guards Lt. Vazhenkov can be read here


Also included in the picture gallery is his MIA report



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