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Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #28334



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Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #28334


Awarded to Captain Vasilij Nikolaevich Kazantsev (Василий Николаевич Казанцев)


For repelling intensive enemy counter-attacks and leading the rifle battalion into an offensive twice. While doing so he eliminated about a hundred of enemy troops with his battalion 



Made of solid silver, gold and enamels by the Krasnokamsky Mint (KMD). Measures 42.78 mm in width, 47.08 mm in height including the eyelet and it weighs 26.8 grams without its suspension and 36.8 grams with suspension but without its nut. The suspension measures 32.47 mm in width at its widest point and 21.45 mm in height at its narrowest part (without the eyelet). The serial number is located at the 7 o’clock position. The minimum known number of this variation is 12655 and the maximum known number is 32653.


In nice overall condition with all parts original some enamel repairs. Its details are all visible and crisp and both sides show several dings and scratches to the silver base. The white enamels are all present and well preserved. The red enamels show (partial) repairs on the 12, 5 and 7 o’clock rays of the red star. Its connection ring has not been cut and and the order comes with a well fitted and authentic screwplate which however is not correct for this number range.


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

In the combat offensive operations for breaking through strong enemy defence areas near town Sevsk during 26-27 August 1943, he timely ensured the battalion commander’s combat intent was realised. He efficiently organised the signalling links and governance of the subunits on the battlefield. He led by personal example, participating in repelling intensive enemy counter-attacks. Twice, he led the rifle battalion into an attack. While defending against enemy human wave counter-attack, comrade KAZANTSEV and the battalion eliminated about a hundred of enemy troops.

Signed by the regiment commander of 303 Red Banner rifle regiment
Lt. Colonel /PRILEPSKY/


The full translation of the record card can be read here


More information on Capt. Kazantsevcan be found here


Also included in the picture gallery is the wounded in action report of Kazantsev



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