Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #24784



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Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #24784


Awarded to Guards Red Army Soldier Leonid Aleksandrovich Alekseev (Леонид Александрович Алексеев)


For bravery, boldness and courage in repairing communication lines under heavy enemy fire



Made of solid silver and gold. It measures 42.66 mm in width, 47.20 mm in height including the eyelet and it weighs 25.3 gram without its suspension. The serial number is located at the 7 o’clock position on the reverse. The suspension measures 32.43 in width at its widest point and 21.62 in height at its narrowest point. The minimum known number of this variation is 12655 and the maximum known number is 32653.


This original order of the Patriotic War 2nd class is in nice, above average condition. All details are perfectly visible and even the higher laying parts like the hammer and sickle show medium wear. The white enamel is mostly present and shows a small chip at the bottom underneath the small star only. This could also be a production error but its hard to determine. The red enamel is all original but shows the often seen damage at the 12 o’clock ray of the red star and a superficial chip on the 7 o’clock ray of the red star. The suspension is a replacement (possibly of a later variation) and its connection ring has been cut.


Scarce suspension variation for an attractive price!



Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“For the time of the fierce offensive battle for the acquisition of the right bank of the river Severskij Donets in the region of the village of Kamenka (Izjumskoe direction) 17th-18th July 1943 Komsomol Member-Signaller Alekseev showed bravery, boldness and courage.

Under a hurricane of enemy fire, overcoming the water frontier, he timely gave communication to the battalion and in hot battle provided not only the telephone line to the battalion, but also replaced the out of action telephonists of the battalion – providing communication to the staff of the battalion from the companies. Under a torrent of enemy fire, swimming across the water frontier, Comrade Alekseev for two days of battle repaired 18 breaks in the companies’ lines – and 28 in the Battalion’s.

Day and night, not sparing life, he made his way to the places of the breaks in the line and timely eliminated them. Thereby providing uninterrupted communication to the staff of the regiment from the battalion, to battalion – from companies. Which gave the opportunity to direct the hot battle performing the regiment’s combat tasks.”



The full translation of the research: Alekseev


Private Alekseev was killed in action (KIA) in 1944 as can be seen in the last image in the picture gallery


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