Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #178725 ‘Trench Reverse’



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Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #178725


Scarce variation without a mint mark and a ‘trench’ shaped reverse


Иван Алексеевич Носиченко


Awarded to Sr. Lieutenant Ivan Alekseevich Nosichenko (Иван Алексеевич Носиченко)



Made of solid silver, gold and enamels. The order weighs 22.1 gram without its screwplate and measures 46.00 mm in height and 43.80 mm in width.


In decent condition with medium overall wear. The order has been polished but most details are still visible on both sides. The red and white enamels are mostly present but the white enamels show some corrosion and small chipping around the lettering. The order comes with its original, time period and well fitted silver screwplate and its screw has not been shortened.


Short translation to the research:

Sr.Lt. NOSICHENKO is one of the oldest [longest serving] artillery officers in the division, who covered divisions harsh and glorious war path. His artillery fire bashed the German invaders near town Rzhev, in the winter offensive operations, on the Voronezh front, in the Summer offensive of the Steppe front, as well as on 2 Ukrainian front fighting in Ukraine on the right Dnieper bank, and finally in the combat engagements on the right bank of Prut river. During his whole service period, he proved himself as exceptionally honest, selfless, and brave commander. The following episode is characteristic of his war effort. In the end of April 1944, Sr.Lt. NOSICHENKO commanded a mortar detachment of 111 rifle “Aleksandria” division, which was assigned to provide support for 254 rifle division in the offensive on the right bank of Prut river. At the time, when the mortar detachment arrived to the river crossing, the crossing site was closed due to intensive enemy aerial bombardment. But having a combat order for immediate deployment, he initiated immediately transport of the personnel and materiel across the river. Despite intensive enemy bombardment, he utilised river fords, boats, and remnants of the destroyed crossing site. Comrade NOSICHENKO brought his unit to the deployment position in time and without losses, and opened fire at the designated time. He received a gratitude letter for this operation from the commanders of 254th and 111th rifle divisions.

Signed by the commander of 399 rifle regiment
Guards Captain /KOMELOV/

He deserves order “PATRIOTIC WAR I CLASS”
Signed by the commander of 111 rifle “Aleksandria” division
Guards Captain /KOTLYAR/

Bestowed with order “PATRIOTIC WAR II CLASS” by decree №41 issued by 52 army on 31.05.1944.


More information on Lt. Nosichenko can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are two scans of images of Lt. Nosichenko we found online, one of which shows him wearing this Order of the Patriotic War and a relevant battle map of the 254th Rifle Division on 01 May 1944 


Scarce and desirable variation



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