Soviet Order of the October Revolution #81898



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Soviet Order of the October Revolution #81898


Variation 2 with 5 rivets 



This order of the October Revolution is made of solid silver, gold and enamels. It measures 44.27 mm in height and 43.37 mm in width. It weighs 30.5 gram. The serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the center of the reverse. This late variation with 5 rivets is made out of three parts; the base piece, the pentagon center piece showing the Aurora cruiser and the gold hammer and sickle.


The order is in excellent condition with crisp details. The enamel is problem free apart from a superficial chip on the 12 o’clock ray or the red star, not penetrating the silver. There are no substantial dings or scratches and the gold hammer and sickle is original to the order. Its connection ring has not been cut and the suspension is time period to the award.



The Order of the October Revolution (Орден Октябрьской Революции) was instituted on October 31, 1967. This was due to the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. It was conferred upon individuals or groups for services furthering communism or the state. As well as for enhancing the defenses of the Soviet Union, military and civil. It is second highest Soviet order, after the Order of Lenin.



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